Facebooking: Compare People is Evil + What we do in FB

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Compare People is Evil
As seen on my Facebook “Compare People” app, you can see my hall of fame ranking here. Looks simple fun, with voters made anonymous (unless they opt to be disclosed). Thing is, for $10, you get to actually see who’s “most compatible” with you, as the system actually reveals those who voted on you. Full story over at Sugarrae…

Facebook Activity Breakdown by Compete.com (Aug 2007)
Facebook Activity Breakdown by Compete.com (Aug 2007)

Facebook is designed as a walled garden, so it’s essentially impossible to do anything as a non-member. This means giving up some form of identity, even if this involves using pseudonyms. According to site analytics company, Compete.com, just over 22 million people signed up in August (woah!). I’ve always wondered what people do on Facebook, so this chart reveals a list of activities in ranked order: 1st: Browse Profiles (21 million), 2nd: Interact with Applications (14 million), and 3rd: Browse Pictures (16 million). See the entire breakdown at compete.com.

The Short Head of Facebook Apps
Tim O'Reilly's Facebook Long Tail

Speaking of Facebook applications, the power law is in full effect, with the utility of the tail end being referred to by Tim O’Reilly as the Long Tail. Essentially 87% of all application usage went to 84 applications. Being a social network, these applications get to experience the network effect, but as you can see, not all seem to be triggered the same way. In case you’re wondering, that most popular app is Slide, giving users the ability to add slideshows and video playback on their profiles. O’Reilly’s full story over here…

BTW: The “better in bed” ranking on the first screenshot is just a joke. In reality I’m stuck in my room with zero social life in Buffalo.

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