Confessions of a Halo 3 addict: Beyond the game…

Halo ActionClix game (very detailed figures!)

Taking a break from the heavy material, here’s something I enjoy in my spare time. These Halo 3 related images I shared seem to be making rounds from my Flickr feed. Too bad flickr doesn’t show trackbacks or referrals, so I’ve no idea who’s linking to them.

Above you see the ActionClix Halo figures and as you can see, I got a super rare invisible Arbiter. I do feel embarrased buying them since they’re meant for kids, but I love the detail on these tiny figures. Besides being toy figures, they doubles up as part of the ActionClix game, which looks quite fun. I don’t plan to collect them all since it’d be too expensive. Still, I do wish the Wizkids folks would sponsor me all 90 figures!

Halo 3 merchandise (pins, buttons, magnets, stickers)

Here you see one many Halo-related merchandise. There are pins, buttons, iron-ons, stickers, tshirts and caps on sale now. Aren’t they cute?

Kneed in the head (front)

Here you see a high-res shot of me executing a perfect knee from above. The blue enemy had first shots at me so I was certain to die… that was until I somehow executed an aerial move with a melee from above, killing him instantly. Thanks to the amazing built-in film editor mode, taking screenshots and video clips of past games is easy. Even my non-Halo friends were amazed at how I could pause time and move the camera around, much like bullet time in the Matrix.

My Halo 3 Service Record

I find it amazing how much data gets recorded by the game servers. Military ranks show multiplayer experience, while skill points indicate one’s ever fluctuating standing against other players. Halo 3 features several layers of gameplay, for the straight shooter, to the meta-game (collecting skulls, achievements, unlocking hidden armor), to machinimists, and so on.

If you play Halo 3, look me up as xX10kiloXx. Otherwise, check out the rest of the “Halo 3 maddness” photo set…

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Halo 3 addict: Beyond the game…

  1. Honestly, the Halo servers don’t record all that much information. If you play CounterStrike on a HlstatsX server…the server records all that stuff plus it also records hit boxes (head shots, as well as chest shots, arm shots, leg shots). Plus it records all that info for each individual weapon you use. Also, Halo doesn’t even have game servers !!!! It has SQL servers (DB), these are not game servers. Your Xbox is the game server…..and although I play Halo and think it is fun, having a host machine be your game server is just plain unfair (the client host will always have a huge advantage). This means that in a competitive game, you are never going to have a fair playing field. If you are really hardcore about this game, I suggest you check out a
    pro gaming site called GetGosu. It has all those stats + actual game servers + you win money if you got the skills.

  2. P.S. I do love Halo, I just can’t play it competitively, so I gotta go elsewhere for that. But, I really do love halo and I love Bungie. I have loved Bungie since Marathon…which, along with the NES version of Zelda are my two favorite games of all time. I thought Marathon was an amazing game, and always hated the fact that Doom called all the attention (since Marathon was Mac only and only got a sliver of the sales “pie”). Doom was so crappy compared to Marathon, any Mac user at the time could tell you that 🙂 In doom you couldnt even aim up and down !!! OMFG!!! so bad !

  3. It’s pretty cool that they have the built in video recording for Halo 3. A friend of mine played Halo 2 competitively, and for the regular Xbox you needed to a special video capture card on the computer and dump the digital output from the console to your computer for editing.

    How are the editing tools? I always felt it would be somewhat cumbersome to do any complex editing with a game controller.

    Interestingly, although there seems to be a large segment of people who record their gaming sessions, I’m not aware of any other games that have the recording built in (with one exception). A product called fraps seems to be the most used application for doing this sort of thing on the client side but it’s windows only.

    The one exception that does have built in recording is the Macintosh version of World of Warcraft. In the last patch (2.3) blizzard put video capture in for the mac client only. It works pretty well, almost no performance hit depending on the settings. If you poke around on my site you can find some examples.

  4. I really like the camera physics like you were talking about how you can pause it and weave in and out of the bullets.

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