Richard “Data” Wang = Inspiration for fellow cyborgs

In The Goonies (1985), Richard “Data” Wang may have somewhat inspired me to lead a cyborgian lifestyle, where technology wasn’t merely something we throw in our coat pocket, but maintain presence with us, enabling us to behave beyond natural human ability. It is a state of mind; a sense of being, and enlightenment that went beyond trend or fashion, but of necessity in pursuit of the frontier of humanity.

The tools we wear everyday include our trusty cellphone and our watches. For the watch, it primarily provides us a coordinating function, between in sync with fellow humans and in sync with our bio-rhythm (i.e. time to feel happy/sad). For the cellphone, more applications are being developed for it (e.g. for gaming, GPS navigation, TV, music, livecasting), and our use of it extended from our holding hand to embedded bluetooth earpieces.

These two exemplary devices serve as valuable real estate on our given bodies (platforms), where the next venture into on-location human capability could easily exist. While “Data” Wang and nutties like me might do things a little weirder than normal folks, it’s really because its human to see certain things as “useless” when society hasn’t understood a use for them. Just ask Dr. Hiroshi Ishii… he hinted on the same problem in his Tangible Bits presentation earlier this year.

Perhaps stupid ideas are more valuable than we realize.

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