iRobot ConnectR: Making virtual visits so you don’t miss out

irobot connectrNow you can be there with your loved one, even when you can’t. For $500, this iRobot ConnectR (from the original vacuuming bots) is designed to go to your loved ones and provide an uplink via VoIP and video conferencing. Yup, this robot extends the notion of presence.

I’d love mine to attend school for me, just like Hinokio did for that anti-social Japanese kid (I so loved this film!). Heck, if only I could ship mine to Singapore and have it allow me to virtually visit my family as well as fun blog conferences like PopOut! ’07 back home.

Here’s the blurb from iRobot’s website: “Robot® ConnectR is a totally new kind of connection device designed for busy parents and distant grandparents seeking greater connection and involvement with their kids, grandkids and pets. Combining the latest in Internet communications and robot technology, ConnectR lets you virtually visit with loved ones, relatives and pets anytime you wish. Now you can see, hear and interact with them in their home as if you were there in person.”

If you can’t wait (like me), you can sign up for their Pilot Program Offer. You can get it before its released, but you need to provide feedback as well as foot a $199 bill (discounted from $500).

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