Video: An overview of the Wireless iTunes Store on iPod touch

Episode 9: The iPod Touch
In an arguably very special edition of Channel65, Jerrick Lim corresponds with Senior Mac Daddyologist Kevin Lim reporting live from the Buffalo Apple Store in New York and taking a closer look at the brand new iPod Touch.

As hinted earlier, here’s the video of me playing with the iPod touch made as a collaboration with the Tech65 crew once more. In this short review, I pay special attention to how the Wireless iTunes Store works. I know plenty of friends who’d love to get one, but wishing it came with a bigger hard drive. It’s product differentiation at work, and Apple’s playing it smart with their 160GB iPod Classic.

2 thoughts on “Video: An overview of the Wireless iTunes Store on iPod touch

  1. Hey Kevin! Cool video! Very very well done to both you and the Tech65 team.

    In the meantime, haha it looks like the iPod touch is facing the same keyboard problem as the iPhone. I liked the review, highlighted the plus points and the down points to look out for. Particularly like your emphasis on the Wireless iTunes Store.

    Do you think the iPod touch will affect iPhone sales considering that they’re so similar?

  2. I’m in a dilemma right now! Although the iPhone isn’t officially released in Singapore, you can get one for SG$1,000. The iPod Touch is really tempting but I do own a 5G iPod with Video and I’m not sure if I should wait for the iPhone or just splurge on the Touch.

    What say you Kevin?

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