Behind the scenes: Playing with the iPod touch @ Apple Store

Chao Li and Kevin @ Apple Store

Here’s Chao Li, a friend who works at the Apple Store here in Buffalo.

After finding no trace of the iPod touch around the crowded store, I asked her whether they had them out. “We’ve sold out” she said. With that, she whipped one of out her jeans to let me play with. It’s the only demo model they had, so I borrowed it for a quick video review.

I’ve always thought of the iPod touch as “an iPhone without balls”, but I realized its got nice touches of its own. My only gripe with it is the lack of a speaker which the iPhone has. Still, I do find that the super-thin iPod touch is a great option for those who want to keep their cellphones yet have a fancy widescreen media player.

A review of the iPod touch, as well as a review of Pfingo, will be coming out on the “Channel 65” video show soon. Yes, I’m playing foreign correspondent, embedded journalist, Senior Mac Daddy-ologist, what have you (in tradition of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart).

Aside: For those of you who are in desperate need of an iPhone to use outside the U.S., you can get a refurbished one cheaply from the online Apple Store, then unlock it using one of those GUI unlock apps (easy in only 5 mins). Whatever you do, don’t get tempted to buy the ones off eBay or Craigslist (going from $750 to $2,000 in the U.K.). Probably voids your warranty, so at your own risk.

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  1. According to the Apple store employee I spoke with a few weeks ago, the iPhone I bought off someone (off Craigslist actually) is covered by Apple warranty. The assistant asked me to enter my iPhone serial number into the web page form (, near the bottom), and the page then showed me when my coverage started and when it would end.

  2. This ipod is for those who don’t mind carrying extra things with them. as for me as soon as a phone/mp3 came out i knew that was for me i hate carrying 1 more thing than i have to i call it traveling light and its a good feeling not to worry about where i left my watch or ipod or phone or wallet when i m out and about. so for all those who like to keep it simple just grab a iphone now that its been unlocked you dont have to worry about paying that 80+ monthly bill with at&t lol

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