How to build your own (cheaper) CNN Situation Room

How to build a DIY Awareness Display

I love The Situation Room at CNN (watch this video).

This news concept has been mocked by Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, as it involves news reporting that takes place as it comes in (or as Wolf Blitzer says, “Happening Now”). You can imagine how uninteresting the live reporting could be if the broadcast happened at a time when nothing significant was happening.

In any case, I’m actually more intrigued by the information streams on display throughout the room. Ideally, I’d like to have a room in my future home dedicated to surveying information networks, sort of like my own Information Awareness Office, for conducting useful forms of sousveillance (below) to dataveillance (narrow).

Since I can’t do that right now, there’s no reason why bloggers like us can’t put together something on similar on a smaller scale. By getting a 24″ (or larger) LCD monitor, you’ll have enough virtual space to run your own “Awareness Display” to keep tabs on the world, thanks to our living, breathing blogosphere.

You can get an idea of this from the annotated photograph above, or watch it in action on my 24/7 livecam.