Dreams of a Mac Daddy…

Mac Daddy & Geek Squad

Here I am with my Mac Daddy t-shirt standing beside a Best Buy “Geek Squad” Volkswagon mobile.

Since I started working on computers back in the day, and as more people spend their lives on the net, I’ve always dreamt up the idea of a high-tech emergency rescue team saving people from their online virtual crises. I’ve thought of putting money toward setting up a high-tech mobile HQ trailer which we could be moved to client’s premises and to serve as an on-site crisis management center, fixing problems on the physical and metaphysical fronts. It’s not unlike something from the recent cyber terrorism trailer seen in the recent “Live Free or Die Hard” movie.

Aside: Too bad Geek Squad’s got a bad rep ever since the Consumerist reported on how they fix computers (stealing porn ain’t cool).