Video: Watch the new iPod nano in action

For the benefit of friends outside the States waiting to get their hands on one, I head to the Apple Store to check out the new “fatty” iPod nano. It’s surprisingly small, thin as a biscuit and the video quality is pretty amazing. The half-screen interface was interesting, the cover flow feature didn’t feel terribly slow, games feel solid, and the stopwatch feature was cute. Almost feels like an iPod shuffle with video!

UPDATE: Here are the photos I took of the iPod nano and classic…

8 thoughts on “Video: Watch the new iPod nano in action

  1. Nice. Remember January in Sim Lim and all the cheap China-made 2 inch PMP we saw?

    Besides a well designed software interface, impecible marketing, and about twice the price, people will be gravitating towards Apple now.

  2. Thanks for the video! It’s great to be back in the US isn’t it? You get to be one of the first to try products like this.

    I like the new reflection of the album art when a song is playing. The circular Arkanoid game looks fun too. Interestingly they took away Solitaire, which IMHO is going to be sorely missed (by me at least).

    I do think the form factor looks ugly. It’s not even half as slick as the previous Nanos. But well I guess that has to be the case, given the much wider LCD screen now.

  3. @Paddy & Straydog: Gadget aficionados indeed ­čÖé

    @Veron: I thought the new iPod nano would be a fatty, but it’s as thin as a biscuit, so it’s quite surreal that such a small and flat device can do so much (e.g. playing video). Old nano was slick, this new one is pretty powerful. As for the games, it’s the iPod games that you can buy off the Apple iTunes Store… three games are given free with this iPod.

  4. Just so you know; I too had a nice hands-on with the new iPods this morning, in the Brent Cross Apple Store in North London. So some of them are definitely outside the US. I resisted, but I thought it was lovely; if only my 8Gb Product (Red) Nano was more than 9 months old. Not so much love for the 160Gb classic; once upon a time I was desperate for an iPod large enough for my entire music collection, but compared to the Nano it feels like a house brick.

    I think that Apple are going to sell vast numbers of the nano. There really is nothing not to like; they’re elegant, functional and cheap.

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