Playing with Jott: From voice to email, blog or twitter!

This is perhaps the fastest and most amazing way I’ve discovered (via Lifehacker) to email, blog, twitter or even send reminders to myself. You start by registering with, call Jott’s number anytime, tell it who you’d like to Jott, then say whatever you want. In a few moments, you get an email or an SMS to which updates you on your transcription and whether it was posted successfully on your relevant web service.

Right now I can call Jott and leave voice-to-text messages on WordPress, Twitter (here’s mine), Jaiku, TypePad, Zillow (for real estate people), LiveJournal, Blogger (here’s mine), 30 Boxes and Yahoo Groups.

It’s pretty flexible, works without internet access and it makes life easy since you don’t have to type a single thing. The accuracy is insanely good too! Right now it’s in public beta and works only in the U.S. and Canada. Hopefully it’ll roll out everywhere soon.

If you want to try anyway, head over to

7 thoughts on “Playing with Jott: From voice to email, blog or twitter!

  1. I am impressed as well how Jott is allowing most apps to run basically hands free! Pure convenience I tell ya. And with the release of Jott’s new features, such as Jott Links, You can do a LOT more than just text via voice. I’m so grateful that Jott is still a free service. Hell, I’d pay! I use it all the time!

  2. Very interesting. Something like this might just cure my terminal laziness with regards to updating my blog. One of the problems with this kind of thing, in my mind at least, is that it seems to be more rough draft material then final draft. It’s easy to just mind-dump a bunch of one shot unrelated ideas verbally. Actually giving them a related form and logical flow/narrative quality can be much more difficult. Multiple revisions always seem to help you express your ideas to other people.

  3. @Ken: I hope Jott extends itself to taking in full narration beyond 30 seconds. That would be insane great for drafting reports, perhaps even post it into Google Docs for you.

    @Shady: Fortunately blogs tend to be written in a conversational fashion so it could still be appropriate, even without any clean up. ­čÖé

  4. Kevin – I highly agree with you! Going beyond 30 seconds would be a major treat. However, Jott wouldn’t be as fast. BUT, I’m sure the J team will or has figured it out. Strangely enough…30 seconds is surprisingly enough time for me to ramble my mouth haha.

    Shady – You have the right idea! Jott is a great tool for brainstorming. Good luck with it!

  5. Oh yeah! But India isn’t there only source. They have human transcribers here in the US as well! And other places, not just in India. From what I understand, when a Jott goes through, it hits the voice recognition, and if not fully transcribed, it then goes to humans. I like that for accuracy!

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