What I Consume: Instant Roti Prata = Chinese Puff lookalike

Roti Prata in Buffalo

Ah, the fascination with our “instant” culture” continues. This Instant Roti Prata I baked for breakfast is dedicated to DK. For my previous epicurean adventures, see “What I Consume” and “How to make steamed Tilapia“.

It’s easy enough to find these quick Indian delights in the States, even in Buffalo. I toss three in the oven at 350F for about 15mins both sides and the flat dough puffed up as seen above. Reminds me of some swedish or chinese pastry, sans delectable fillings. I guess it’s pretty healthy, since all I added was a little sugar just like they do back in Singapore.

Aside: Harder to find are the Prima Taste Ready-to-Cook packs, as well as those Indomie Mi Goreng. These are like crack to the Singaporean students studying abroad.

6 thoughts on “What I Consume: Instant Roti Prata = Chinese Puff lookalike

  1. Erhm… I am offended by the terms “crack” and “Singaporean students studying abroad”. These are fantastic reminder of home, even consumed by this “non-crack” addict who is just a “Singaporean living” in Ohio, LAH.

    you should try them pan fried with a little oil (or just non-stick spray), with some beef curry, almost heaven.

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