Video: My views about Second Life on Channel News Asia

As some of you noticed, here’s one of my last interviews in Singapore, and it’s about Second Life. This was broadcasted on Channel News Asia’s “That’s IT” show on Wed, 2007 JUL 25, 8.30pm.

Yes, I do feel funny bringing up Second Life, as I frankly told the producer that I didn’t really login as much anymore. I’m not the only one feeling this way; there’s a debate going on as to whether Second Life is on a decline.

When the camera rolled, producer Tiffany Ang asked about what I typically do in Second Life, why people enjoy it as well as the serious applications of such MUVEs (multi-user virtual environments). I focused on the educational aspect of it, on what works (simulations) and what doesn’t (virtual classrooms). I spoke based on a previous interview I had with EdTech Librarian / SL Resident, Milosun.

While Linden Lab’s CTO, Cory, made an appearance, I also pointed out key players in our Singapore Second Life scene (Alvin Loo, Rinaz, Aileen), but I believe CNA was too strapped for time to reach them.

Aside 1: You can also view the clip on Youtube and Google Video.

Aside 2: Hat tip to Priscilla Tan for acquiring the clip and sending it via DVD to Buffalo!

5 thoughts on “Video: My views about Second Life on Channel News Asia

  1. Haha actually I just wrote a post about my non-techy friends’ perspective of Second Life here

    They just couldn’t understand why anyone would spend HOURS working in SL and paying for virtual sex and prostitution.

  2. @SuYuen: For most people they don’t realize how much of the real world they live in is already virtual.

    While I’m not evangelizing SL per say, I think it’s important to note that the distinction of virtual and real is quite passe (though most are not able to see beyond this yet).

    The currency you hold in your wallet is already a transactional representation of the labor you’ve given, which can be exchanged for something you’d need. In other words, money in itself is nothing more than a manifested “promise” of returned goodwill.

    On the realness of experiences, for instance in the pornographic industry, people have paid for video which exists merely on screen, but is enough to stimulate the senses which might otherwise be difficult in reality (e.g. I might never be able to date a hot chick). For Second Life, the experience is a little richer than phone sex back in the day, where not only do you get to talk to someone, but participate in the sexual performance not possible via video or another other passive media.

    Our culture focuses so much on sight and sound, that we keep forgetting the sense of touch. While haptics technology is gaining commercial ground (e.g. Nintendo Wii, teledildonics), it could be possible to simulated touch by the “sight of touch”, which can somewhat be seen in this article on “inducing out of body experiences“.

    Virtuality and Reality both produce experiences which are naturally subjective, but real nonetheless to the user. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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