Cooking Together, Happy Together

Homemade Dinner

Sorry for the deluge of food photos lately, but cooking a decent dinner for someone else actually feels good.

While Hai Lee prepared seaweed soup and scrambled ham and eggs, I baked something resembling sweet and sour fish back in Singapore. Wrapped in each foil were a tilapia, two scallops, broccoli, string veggies and pieces of mango, all topped with tropical pineapple sauce. In this land far from Singapore, it was perfect. I actually loved what I made. So did Kenny and Hai Lee. Now to figure out what else I can make that’s not fish…

Aside: Andrea Ng, also a previous students of mine, also has a Buffalo blog.

2 thoughts on “Cooking Together, Happy Together

  1. So now you can add another tag to your name – ….blogger-chef ­čÖé Since you are in a cooking mood, here’s a salmon recipe that is really fast and easy to make, as you need to set aside more time and focus on your research. (Reminder! :-)). Not Asian food but delicious.,1364,RC.html

    Comment about guys and cooking: I think those guys who are away from home or studying overseas learn to cook with time. How many burgers and fast-food can you eat before you get tired and crave for local food?

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