Be amazing or troublesome, not in between…

Kathy Sierra's The Zone of Expendability

In a conversation about teaching to a diverse crowd (working with both newbies & experts), Kenneth Pinto highlighted Kathy Sierra’s “Zone of Expendability” which explained how it seemed better for us to pick a side. Ironically, that also applies to me right now in a completely different situation…

Just today I just had a demoralizing lecture from my Asian professor for not getting my papers done on time. While he took this flaw and thoroughly expanded it to my entire universe of being (which wasn’t exactly fair), I paid attention to one point: To get my act together. Contrast this with my “rock star” teaching performance in Singapore, I seem to be worlds apart at different times.

What’s Kathy Sierra to say to me?
Both extremes motivate me and has an effect on my environment. If I were just normal good, I’d be boring as hell.

Just read her darn post already…

OK, back to writing papers. Argh.

5 thoughts on “Be amazing or troublesome, not in between…

  1. Good on you Kevin your blog review is just about right in the middle of it all. Keep the listening to the message Kevin, listen it is just beginning.

  2. Kev, it depresses me no end how Buffalo seems to constantly want to test you. I wish it were a better experience for you, then again, I find myself trying to leave because it can’t stop testing ME, so I can also relate.

    I was all excited to read Sierra’s post – after what she’s been through this year I thought “yeah woman, don’t let them win… keep doin’ it!” Unfortunately I got a 404 at the link. I am hoping it’s a hiccup in them interwebs. Anyone else have that problem?


  3. @jennimi: Well, at this level of academia, more is expected out of us, thus the higher chance of failure. But this is fine, since we need room for mistakes to grow creatively. Sierra’s link is working now… perhaps it was down earlier. ­čÖé

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