Happy National Day, Singapore!

Singapore Perspectives 2007: A New Singapore - 2

It’s Singapore’s 42nd Birthday! And just in time…

I checked my mailbox and to find a copy of the conference proceedings from “Singapore Perspectives 2007: A New Singapore” organized by the Institute of Policy Study. Don’t “pray pray”… it’s autographed by editor Tan Tarn How some more.

Here’s what the book covers…

BTW: You do know what 42 means right?

12 thoughts on “Happy National Day, Singapore!

  1. Its a parallel universe out there and it just got 100 times more divided after the blog land review. Most people in the underground have decided to go with the Brotherhood Press. They set the pace, speed and cadence, we follow the best we can. This has its uses, swathing flies, cleaning windows etc.

    Dont take me seriously, I just posted this for ‘fun.’

  2. Hehehe … I guess the Men in White can track you all the way here. Heng ah, they haven’t located me yet. Perhaps they are uninterested in a domestic engineer, my position is definitely not a brain drain to Chairman Lee.

  3. Now we know what to use to as soup coasters, beats those free IKEA catalogs any day, this is even laminated. Agreed with (2) the underground has gone really underground this time, we cant even find them now!

  4. ips has to give away as many free copies as they can. What do they really expect? People to vote with their wallets?I Received mine and out it went after the obligatory 45 min. Perused through it and drew the following conclusions nothing substantive seems to be like a celebration of generalities.

    You would have thought a real ips would have been able to do a better job.

  5. What I find really amusing abt the IPS is this.

    (1) They dont engage the community in the internet.

    (2) They only have a token presence in the internet.

    (3) They have absolutely no meaningful networks in the internet.

    (4) They dont even have a cachet of dedicated readers.

    Yet these are the people who are involved in directional and policy matters concerning the internet.

  6. Do you have balls. It boils down to only this. Tensile steel balls, thats all there is to it. The rest you can more or less throw into the garbage heap of history.

    Step up to the plate. Go find a hole and hide.

  7. I did not ask for this war. i was just minding my business, but since it was brought to me.


  8. Darkness is a very well respected figure in the internet. I for one count myself as a regular reader of the brotherhood press along with everyone in my faculty. He is perhaps one of the most intruiging and charismatic figures, so it will be very sad, if he doesnt even feel the need to behave in a manner which befits a man of his standing and ilk.

    I may even have to reconsider whether it is worthwhile reading the brotherhood press.

    Yours very respectfully as always. Meanwhile I remain.

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