Lifecasting: Go Motorboarding to the campus

Here’s half an hour of my life in Buffalo from yesterday…

Being a hot summer’s day, I decided to go green by taking out my Go Motorboard and ditching the car as I headed to campus to get some personal errands done. Watch as I ride the electric skateboard to the north campus of the University at Buffalo. I can’t show you what I did at work for now as it’s private, but I can show you how I scored a free lunch at Subway.

Sorry that the camera wasn’t facing properly, just skip to the nicer parts.

Aside 1: I love all forms of personal transporters. While Jetpacks and Segways are still too expensive for me, I’m happy with bicycles, motorbikes, skateboards (seen this foldable one?), and Heelys (Nic Fillingham has adult ones!). BTW, did you see my passenger?

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