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  1. Hmm, I think I’ll get some frozen prata as DK suggested. I’m trying to stay low on instant noodles… which they have plenty here 😛

  2. Where are the vegetables and fruits? 🙂 You need to cook curry to go with the prata. Prima Curry or Brahmin Curry paste are my favorites. Hope they are sold over there.

  3. @IZreloaded: It supposedly uses all natural ingredients, and most important to me is taste. Can’t tell whether it “works” per say 😛

  4. You are either really spoilt or cannot cook or both. Fortunately I have about 250 lbs of uncooked beef in my freezer and a flourishing garden. From scratch spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes, bak kut teh, beef curry, etc etc. So anything goes in this house, and everything is homemade. Muahahaha…. see what happens when a Singaporean spends a prolonged period of time in the States?? They become DOMESTICATED.

  5. Hmmm…. errr… doesn’t look very appetizing if you ask me bro. Speaking of which does the shu mai there taste as authentic as the ones here? Speaking of which what do you use to stuff your hamburger buns. And yes, where are the veggies… heehe

  6. Instant Soba (I’m not gonna say which brand in case everyone hops on it and empty the supermarket shelves!).

    my current fav plan:
    Green apple and celery juice to start the day; Soba at noon; Sashimi at night.

  7. Haha, these are all great tips. You can almost tell who’s who based on what they eat. I might just go on a local shopping trip to my neighborhood grocers and bring you all along (via video of course!) 🙂

  8. Hi Kevin,

    I really miss cooking. Used to have a nice kitchen in my own place back in the UK. I also used to visit the chinese store to get the teriyaki and black bean sauce. 🙂

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