Introducing BreakinAsia’s Podcast: Breakbeat music from Asia

Kevin: “Finally, a progressive dance music show from Singapore!”

As some of you might already realize (from my About page), I’m actually an avid listener of electronic dance music. Since the early days of Phuture @ Zouk, I did what I could help build our own local dance music scene.

Meeting great folks with deep passions, Frontallabs came about back in ’97. We organized gigs, brought up and exposed new talent and generally introduced the public to the various wondrous genres of dance music.

Recently, thanks to the crew at BreakinAsia, we finally have our very own electronic dance music show, marking Singapore’s place on the dance music genre of the podcasting map. “It’s a national service on a different scale,” I said as we took a sip from our celebratory drinks. It’s breakbeats-centric, which is actually the kind of movement I prefer.

Entitled “Planet Breaks Transmission“, the BreakinAsia Podcast is now available in it’s first professionally produced episode. You’ll hear DJ Livewire (Shaun) chat with me about breakbeats as he introduces cutting-edge dance tracks for both newbies and aficionados. He’ll explain how to distinguish parts of a track and in no time, you’ll be able to rub shoulders with DJs at Zouk.

Available in both mp3 and handcrafted iTunes chaptered podcasts, you can subscribe to the show here. For aspiring DJs, the podcast comes with a detailed tracklisting. Here’s a preview of what you’ll get… Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Introducing BreakinAsia’s Podcast: Breakbeat music from Asia

  1. Haven’t listened to breaks for quite a while already but it’s always nice to see an electronic music podcast from SG.

    Guest mixes from local DJs would be a nice addition ­čÖé

  2. Both Frontallabs and BreakinAsia have been doing DJ mixes and putting them online, though it might be fragmented on various sites. Hopefully the podcast will pull everyone together to produce mixes as you’ve suggested.

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