Now screening on Tech65’s “Channel65” videocast

Just before I came back to Buffalo, I was given the honor of appearing on the first episode of Channel 65, a new technology videocast by the guys at Singapore-based

Show hosts Daniel Tsou and Farinelli (hey you!) chatted with me to learn who I was and what I do for a living. We later delve into the sousveillance backpack, with questions ranging from what it does, how I use it, ethical considerations, and the important lessons I’ve learnt from this experience. I talked about the future prospects of such an instrument, focusing on the augmentation of relationships over long distances, through the idea of continuous partial presence.

What do I think of Tech65? Well I think it’s about time! Probably the first professional-looking podcasting outfit from Singapore to focus on tech happening in our region, Tech65 is currently made up of two shows, namely 65bits (the podcast) and channel65 (the videocast). The folks behind the gig include Daniel Tsou, Jerrick Lim, NTT, Farinelli and Kai Yi.

Show some love by subscribing to their podcasts and by contributing if you’re up for it. Check them out here…

BTW: Friends in the PR industry might want to take note of this local tech channel. Try showering them with sponsorships ­čÖé

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