Photos: Counting down to “Bye Bye Singapore” time…

Countdown to "Bye Bye Singapore" time

Looking through the photos of my last few days in Singapore, I think I’m turning into a geeky socialite… now if only I could turn this into a full-time profession!

Channel News Asia: "That's IT" interview about Second Life - 4
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Wednesday, 2.30pm:
Channel News Asia: “That’s IT” interview about Second Life

When I realized I was going to be on television again (hat tip to IdeaFactory), I figured I’d better learn what to wear. Apparently you’re not suppose to wear white, and preferably dress in a boring fashion since the subject is your face and not your clothes (check out this media training guide). Timothy Go of That’s IT wasn’t in Singapore, so his producer Tiffany became my invisible interviewer. Although I won’t be around to see it, she emailed me the telecast dates for the show: Wed, 2007 JUL 25, 8.30pm, 11.30pm // Thu, 2007 JUL 26, 10.30am // Fri, 2007 JUL 27, 1.30pm // Mon, 2007 JUL 30, 5.30pm. If anyone of you could help me Youtube it, I’d be very grateful 🙂

Chimei's Hippo Laser Mouse: Volume buttons actually work on Mac! - 3
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Wednesday, 4.10pm:
Tech chat with managing director of Chimei (Singapore)

Daniel Tan happened to be at Geek Terminal and since the place was adorned with Chimei LCD screens, I took the chance to ask about Chimei’s corporate background and product positioning, especially in light of Sony and Samsung’s dominance in Singapore. Daniel took the time to explain how Chimei was Taiwan’s popular brand, having been involved with various forms of community outreach. On the LCD screens, he remarked that Chimei produces their own LCD panels, and even supplies them OEM to the bigger brand names. I said that perhaps they could appeal to the technically high-end market in Singapore, where they might be willing to forego brand name for high-end specs. He later showed me the Chimei Hippo laser mouse, which not only works on glass, but has media controls which actually works on the Mac! Without installing anything, my sister and I could adjust volume and tracks on our Macbooks just by hitting those extra buttons. Perhaps the best feature: Their products are pretty reasonably priced.

SBS Transit computer error - 2

Wednesday, 5.50pm:
Raffles Place to Harborfront MRT computer error

I have a conspiracy theory that some of these computer errors are intentionally activated to promote break time in the office. Not as cool when Windows happens to be used for public video screens. Blame that dengue mosquito on the right.

Expensive drinks at St James Powerhouse - 2

Wednesday, 8.45pm:
Expensive drinks at St James Powerhouse

I’m so glad I don’t drink. For the same price, my sister got that huge glass of beer, while I got less than half a drinking glass of Bailey’s. Good Bailey’s though. I eventually got kicked out for wearing bermudas, but they let me in first… really. My little sister and the bouncer got into a staring competition over this, so I said it’s not worth it. Let us fight the good fight another day!

McDonald's lunch

Thursday, 3.10pm:
My last McDonald’s meal in Singapore

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Fries, Green Tea, Garlic Chili Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce. Note that we don’t get these funky local sauces in the States… all we have is tomato sauce, so I have friends who bring tons of McDonalds chili sauce packets to the States. Some things we don’t take for granted… hiyah!

Dinner @ Dempsey Hill
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Thursday, 7.30pm:
Fine dining @ Dempsey Hill

This has been my latest haunt… it’s upscale and great for people watching. Can’t afford to eat here too often, but when I can, it feels like you’re in some other part of the world. We had Korean Charcoal BBQ for dinner, then moved over to Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream on Belgian waffle for dessert.

Special invitation: House - the social benefits - 12
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Thursday, 9.23pm:
Media invitation to “House: the social benefits”

When I drove past this place the first time, I was curious what it was about. Thanks to a friend’s media invite, I got to explore the classy place, bustling with models, stylists and what nots. “House: the social benefits” is an entire block (like a school) plus a refurbished army barracks designed to cater for the health conscious fashionista who needs a place to chillout with friends. All I remember was the excellent lychee vodka and the waitresses all dressed in school uniforms. Kawaii!!

Shirley Tan (Unexpected) @ Wala Wala - 2

Thursday, 11.30pm:
Shirley Tan and her Unexpected band @ Wala Wala

As I was heading home, MrBig called me over for live music at Wala Wala. Nice to be able to catch Shirley Tan and her Unexpected band performing… she rawked the entire house. For a Thursday night, I’d say the crowd was above and beyond what any pub could muster.

Meeting: Institute of Policy Studies
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Friday, 11.03am:
Meeting Arun Mahizhnan & Tan Tarn How @ Institute of Policy Studies

The morning had me finding my way to Tan Tarn How and Arun Mahizhnan at the Institute of Policy Studies. This opportunity came about after my recent videocast interview entitled “Introduction to the Socio-Political Blogosphere” and the appended spreadsheet on socio-political bloggers. Several parties have started building off the list, producing versions for their own use. This is fine by me, so long as it’s shared and made public domain so we can all benefit off each other’s work. At the informal meeting, graduate student Elaine Foo joined in with her thesis on “Civic Discourse on the Internet in Singapore”. An hour in, I was pretty surprised (or shock even) to hear the kind of opinions from our distinguished academics… they weren’t just open, but were downright challenging bloggers to go further than they were right now, taking cues from how online civil discourse works in other countries. I’ll explain this in detail in a later post as I took lots of notes from our 3hr conversation over lunch.

NuffNang temporary office @ Kinta Rd
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Friday 3.12pm:
Research Visit: NuffNang blog advertising community

I visited the temporary office of Nuffnang (Singapore) where Ming Shen (one of two founders) and intern Nanny Wen were working. Ming had invited me over to show me how their blog advertising system worked while I looked for useful data points I could use for blog-related research. I was impressed with how detailed and real-time their ad placement and accounting system worked, but most useful were their reporting data which could instantly lookup the top performers and more at a whim. I can’t go into detail, but I’ll be keeping Ming Shen in mind if ideas come up. Fresh from my IPS visit, there’s a strong need to understand the ecology of our blogosphere (e.g. motivations, media effects). I feel that there’s a void and people like us need to go right in to fill it, sorta like a health check on our blogosphere (or even Internet use).

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  1. Gosh, you are a very very very busy man!

    I think a plentiful of people (myself included) will definitely miss your presence here in Singapore.

    But its been really wonderful and I feel blessed to have known you 🙂

    You rock! You’re awesome! Yeah! *waves pompoms*

    (just a tad jealous that I didnt get interviewed for SL 😛 )

  2. @marina: You know I told them to interview you guys and gave them your contacts, but somehow they just wanted me. Anyway when I’m gone, I’ll continue to point opportunities your way 🙂

    Yes, I do wish this blogging business were a job for me. It’s mad fun.

  3. Hey Kevin! Sorry I won’t be able to meet you before you leave. Have a safe flight and a great time in the US! Keep in touch!

    P.S: Go amaze the tech geeks over there with your ULTRA cool backpack.

  4. Wow, what a schedule. Yeah a real Geek Socialite. ANd the LZB spread was the ultimate man! Hope you will be kept updated by the rest about comments from their forums…okay looking forward to that post!

  5. I saw a 4-page article on you at zbW. I hope you have got yourself a copy of the article?

    Good bye, and best wishes.

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