theorycast.26 :: Intro to Singapore’s Socio-Political Blogosphere

theorycast.26 :: Introduction to Singapore’s Socio-Political Blogosphere
Show Guest: Bernard Leong • Location: Geek Terminal • Show Length: 20min

Bernard Leong of SingaporeAngle shows us how we can get involved in Singapore’s socio-political blogosphere. If you notice the markers on the video timeline, those indicate additional comments and clickable links to things we mentioned in the interview.

In this 20 minute episode, Bernard spills the beans on:
– who’s who in Singapore’s socio-political blogosphere
– the background stories behind these bloggers (as far as he knows)
– how to getting started with your own socio-political blog (safely & quickly)

The video interview also relies on a directory of socio-political bloggers compiled by my social media students earlier this year. Their assignment involved each of them “adopting a local political blogger“, writing a personal profile, then adding it to the spreadsheet / directory as seen in the video.

This directory was shared publicly on this blog, where bloggers such as Bernard filled in the missing pieces. You can view the directory here, and if you wish to contribute to it, please drop a comment here for an invite.

Incidentally, in today’s Straits Times “Digital Life” supplement, there was a two-page feature on some of the socio-political blogs and aggregators mentioned in this video. See “Digital Life: More Netizens Open Up to Blog” (17th July 2007).

Update: See Bernard Leong’s afterword on the Singapore Angle, as well as the discussions on Singabloodypore and Intelligent Singaporean. Some prominent blogs were missed in our short video and will being noted via the spreadsheet.

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  2. Hi,

    This is a great review, much needed, only judging from wats out there in the net, can I use it? 🙁

    Please dont get angry, what I meant to say is, if I use it in my research paper will I wake up in the middle night only to look out of my kitchen window to see a flying saucer out there!

    Should have included them. Really, should have. Just my POV. Cheers!

  3. “This is a great review, much needed, only judging from wats out there in the net, can I use it?”

    “scholarboy Says:
    July 28th, 2007 at 9:49 pm from the Intelligent Singaporean /
    Why “Civil Disobedience” Is a Game Clever People Never Play!

    Good Evening readers,

    I want to be neutral, but I cannot. Just to reiterate what darkness said so there’s no confusion: if it’s for ‘fun’ and conducted on an ‘ad hoc’ basis that’s OK. We don’t have an issue with it. That’s our official position! Anything goes including happy slaps.

    However, if review goes outside this ambit. It will be torpedoed, as he said it doesn’t matter whether it is the Herald Tribune or whoever who carries it. Trust me they have all lined it up. But let’s be serious what editor, academic or even subject matter expert in their right frame of mind will stake his findings on something based on fun or conducted on an ad hoc basis. It’s as good as committing suicide or destroying your career, so really the issue to me is simply this, it’s a foregone conclusion, kaput, a dead duck. However rest assured if comes out from this harbor; they will hunt it down and sink like the battleship Bismark. So I really don’t know why we keep on talking abt it again and again. Really, I don’t. The matter is closed as far as I am concerned.”

    Good luck you will need it:)

  4. My fav reads have picked up and gone. They sound pretty pissed! Was it really so difficult not to just give them 2 secs? I mean……

    see for yourself….go to the intelligent singaporean…..they have blasted off.

    And you ask me why I dont believe Singapore can ever be a world power when it comes to creativity!

    You people dont have a chance in hell, even if you’re a cat with nine lives!


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