Oosh… a quiet celebration

Oosh @ Demsey Rd - 4
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Oosh @ Demsey Rd - 4Oosh @ Demsey Rd - 3Oosh @ Demsey Rd - 2Oosh @ Demsey Rd - 1

Oosh is simply one of the sweetest places I’ve visited over the weekend, together with DJ Reiki, and her audio engineer buddy, EastCoastNinja. It was a quiet celebration between the three of us on the final cut of BreakinAsia’s breakbeat podcast. More on this in due time.

Actually, the whole of Dempsey Hill was impressive… it’s now called Tanglin Village I believe and there’s an Olio Dome there, as well as plenty of wine cafes. Here’s a Google Maps placemarker for your convenience.

See slideshow here…

5 thoughts on “Oosh… a quiet celebration

  1. Nice place, too bad the service sucks! The first server I had would rather stand around and look busy then to serve our table. Also, some of the servers had no idea what was on the drink list… Pointing it out on the menu was not enough, she had to take the menu, put her finger on the drink, and walk to the bar to show the bartender. But they are still getting the crowd, so I guess the crappy service will continue.

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