Double Whammy Videos: HTC touch and the iPhone

HTC touch and the iPhone

Here are the HTC Touch and the iPhone videos

Watch Vantan demo her HTC touch smartphone which runs Windows Mobile 6 and has features almost like an iPhone. As Vantan sorta mentioned, it’s a great segway to owning an iPhone, since we can’t really use the iPhone in Singapore yet.

On the flipside, I cautiously handle a rare iPhone in Singapore. Big ups to Paddy of for sharing the exquisite gadget, Tim Yeo for the camera work and Geek Terminal for the location as always. 🙂

Before you go… lots of iPhone vs. popular cellphone comparison photos here.

4 thoughts on “Double Whammy Videos: HTC touch and the iPhone

  1. Yeah I know it’s unfair, but I couldn’t resist. Still, many might get the HTC touch simply because Apple’s iPhone doesn’t work here yet 😀

    Thx for fixing your icon… small is cuter 🙂

  2. Haha what a totally unfair comparison. Anyway, I still think the iPhone is waaay overhyped even though it does have some cool features like the desktop-like internet browser and multi-point touch screen. Oh yea, lets not forget bragging rights.

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