Guess the menubar items… and don’t forget our Mac Meetup

Guess the menubar items?

Last Friday was the 13th, so I couldn’t resist a screenshot of the menubar. Since I’ve added so many new items lately, why not have you guys guess what they are. Some are pretty hard and will put your Mac-ness to the test.

As a side effect of sharing this, we get to learn new apps from each other. For instance, Jeremy Foo (who just turned 23) told me about the pretty freeware called iStat menus from iSlayer, as a replacement for my aging MenuMeters. Know of anything interesting to share?

If you give up on what some menubar items are, just see my Flickr screenshot with everyone’s annotations.

One more thing: Since we’re talking about mac, there’s a Singapore Mac Meetup this coming Tuesday (17th July), 7pm at the McDonalds in Suntec City. If you can, drop an RSVP in that blog’s comments. Don’t be shy if you’re new to the Mac user group… I’ve met so many interesting people there from all walks of life.

4 thoughts on “Guess the menubar items… and don’t forget our Mac Meetup

  1. mine’s totally empty! only spotlight icon, volume, date time, language icon, wifi, bluetooth and ichat.

    i save everything else for my F12 button šŸ˜‰

  2. Can I consider a new MAC user?

    I learnt to use Mac in 1999, but not everyday I used it. But only last year, I have to support the technical enquiries related to MAC for my organisation. (arrow!!)

    So hopefully, I can learn some administration stuffs from this session.

  3. ooh.. if i can get my girlfriend (the one I was telling you about on Sat), she’s a mac user too and we can go! …. hehee…

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