Want to be on the cover of WIRED (15.07)?

wired Kevin Wired Cover
Yes, the last one is fake. It’s originally photographed by VanTan and you can make one too.

This month’s WIRED (15.07) is pretty damn interesting, and it’s not just because 5,000 lucky subscribers got their own personalized covers (see flickr group).

For those of you who attended my recent “Youtube and Beyond” talk, there’s a pretty timely chart on page 44 about that state of video search technology (scanned here).

Page 54 features Nicole Lapin, and at 23, she’s the youngest news anchor ever in CNN’s history. Her journalistic achievements will bowl anyone over, and she has a Lindsay Lohan look to boot! Wired talks to her about her plans for CNN and Citizen Journalism.

Page 58 has a neato infoporn on how much Americans are ill-informed, charted over what they read, be it newspapers, The Daily Show, NPR, CNN, and so on.

Page 68 has the Gorillaz mixing it up with the french rendition of Journey to the West. It’s a stylish performance which will be hitting several cities over time. This particular article is available on Wired.com

One more thing…
Speaking of the Wired web site, our ZeroAssignment articles are being published there as we speak. The current articles being featured are related to crowdsourcing.

An interview Alex Halavais and I collaborated on might be published later on as we talked about “Open Source Journalism: From Nupedia, to Wikipedia, to Citizendium“. It’s on the evolution of collaborative efforts. So glad I got to be part of this Pro-Am journalism revolution. I’ll write more about this later.

Oh, about my WIRED cover… One day I tell you. Just wait and see. ­čśŤ

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