First trial run of GPS blogging @ City Hall (Singapore)

070907 GPS Blogging @ CityHall (Overview)
070907 GPS Blogging @ CityHall (CloseUp)

With the Qstarz GPS module now part of the sousveillance backpack, I’m now able to track where I’ve been to right down to the second. That’s an insane amount of granularity!

The overview map (top) shows the journey I took from Clementi to City Hall, and back later in the evening.

The close-up map (bottom) shows me reaching Bugis Junction via cab @ 3.16pm, meeting my friend MrBig for a late lunch (MOS burger) @3.30pm, meeting the Digital Terrorist for dinner and two videoblog shoots (coming soon: hacking + comedy) @ 7pm. Living in the west side (story), we later head back together on Bus no. 7 @ 10.30pm.

Depending on satellite reception, every point (= every second) you see marked on the Google Earth map is click-able to reveal metadata which includes Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Relative Speed and Distance from origin (see bubble pop-up in lower map).

Now I’ve just found out how to live-blog my position via Google Maps (See DIY Real Time GPS Tracker), but that’s another project in itself. Still wondering if there’s a simpler web service that does this for me.

Aside: Looking through my Qstarz Travel Recorder’s logs, we can even see where it was born!

11 thoughts on “First trial run of GPS blogging @ City Hall (Singapore)

  1. Hey bro, I think that if ever there was a volunteer guinea pig to be the first cyborg, you would raise your hand wouldn’t you? Man… you are soooo geeky that its almost approaching science fiction dude! Cool stuff….

    They should appoint you as the evangelist for the social mobile media.

  2. @HighwayBlogger: There’s a GPS unit for cars which lets you track your vehicles over Google map on the web. You might be interested in that. Forgot the product name šŸ™

    @Walter: Our mobile phones already make us social cyborgs. People like me just want to do more and can’t wait šŸ˜›

  3. Hey this is so cool!! If we can find a way to install the device in a hidden manner somewhere in the kids clothes/on a necklace / in the backpack, missing children can be tracked down. (and cheating husbands too! )

  4. @Veron: To track your bf? You should get a GPS receiver for your food reviews… love what Singeo did for you.

    @Su Yuen: Yes, the ability to plant it independent of a computer makes it versatile. There are better gps units which have a data connection so you can track them real-time on Google Map.

    @HighwayBlooger: Which GPS unit did you get? BMW’s built-in one apparently now uses Google Map!

  5. Hi, wonder if you have already thought or come up with idea to integrate GPS in the blog?

    I’ve been using Trekbuddy to store tracklogs on my phone over a month, but not yet sure how to tag blog posts to location or submit geotagged photos. There are certain api for google maps with gps for example, but it be interesting to see someone really implement GPS tagging to their blog.

  6. I have got one GPS 76 CSx- and would like to put it into Practical use.
    Like Mapping a Village of all its resources.
    or to assist the Emergency Relief Team during a disaster.
    Need help Online or contacts.

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