Video: Using the Apple iPhone in Singapore

I know about three people in the Singapore tech industry with an iPhone. Paddy Tan is one, while another includes my product tester contact, alias Posideon, who got the iPhone and was willing to do a working demo via video iChat.

For those of you interested in importing the iPhone, I asked him what we could expect from using the “Jesus Phone” in Singapore. In this 10min video, we’ll discover whether the AT&T service works locally (i.e. roaming), how sophisticated Safari apps can get, and what iPhone apps work (and don’t work) here. Google Maps rocks, while the Youtube widget doesn’t work for some reason.

Before you go, Wired reviews the best web apps for the iPhone.

18 thoughts on “Video: Using the Apple iPhone in Singapore

  1. For us, we imported them in. And just to share we managed to unlock the phone following the steps as given on the internet. Everything except the GSM line.

  2. Picked mine last week in San Fran. Used AT&T pre-paid to activate, instead of DVD-Jon’s hack. Intend to cancel the pre-paid later this week. Currently using it in Singapore. Everything works except the phone portion, as it does not roam on AT&T pre-paid.

    Have been busy showing the iphone off to my friends and everyone is impressed.

  3. @Jack: Haha, the construction outside proves that you’re in SIngapore. I see you even got the plastic case already 🙂

  4. Hey..guys..the iPhone is so so cool.
    And guess what…I managed to unlock it to use a phone.
    It shows SINGTEL… ^_^
    And not only that all the program are cool

  5. hey peopleeeee..i just bought an iphone in the states and need help and advise to how to get it unlock to use it in singaporeee..pls helppp 🙁

  6. Hey, i can get the iphone, unlocked, for u guys… cheaper than that sold by iphone-Singapore…chat with me at 😉 surely u will like it….. and to unlock ur phone, checked the web for iphone unlock, there are some companies that charge u for a fee and they are able to even unlock 1.1.1 now…. for those who unintentionally upgraded ur iphone version of 1.0.X to 1.1.1, the solution is there… cool!!!

  7. I previously activated my iPhone in the USA and have been using it in Singapore on Singtel. I have never unlocked my iPhone, and am running the latest iPhone firmware.

    As soon as I landed I was able to both make and receive calls and text messages. I didn’t test the data roaming, but I expect that to work as well.

  8. hey … i would like to know how much an iPhone would cost and where i can buy it from ? ?? Pleasse mail me the details.. thnks..

  9. hey the answer has never really been well, answered, how do you unlock the iphone to work with singtel for free and be able to do it at home??

  10. To: Diebels727

    Your iPhone (bought in US) is working in Singapore networks. I assume your iPhone bill is from AT&T in the US? Would you be kind enough to share what the cost is like back in the US after using your iPhone in Singapore for say, 1 week?


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