Zaobao reporter tries out the sousveillance backpack

Last Wednesday I visited Singapore Press Holdings, where Zaobao newspaper journalist, Wei, tried on my sousveillance backpack and gave it a run, literally (alternatively, see the Youtube version).

When the photo journalist arrived, they took gratuitous photos of me with the backpack, as well as close-ups of the tear-down, where I deconstructed the unit into its components. Later, we share idea on how else such a wearable camera unit could be used, such as having first person narratives and so on.

Wei told me that this feature article should make the cover of Zaobao Weekly on the last Sunday of July. My jaw dropped since I didn’t know he was going to that extent. Since I will be leaving Singapore before then, I’m hoping for someone to help send me images of the magazine story, where I’ll get a friend in Buffalo to translate it for me. Yeah, I need to work on my Chinese!

Aside: We ended up talking for three hours… Wei studied film-making back in Boston AND he loves manga.

7 thoughts on “Zaobao reporter tries out the sousveillance backpack

  1. Why didn’t he run away with your bag. I would have. Anyway, you know what will happen once it makes it into the newspaper…. 2 months later, you will see bags for sale in Funan and Sim Lim with battery pack, camera, that Sony thing… and all your gadgets built in. maybe costing a couple hundreds (without that sony thing).

  2. Actually, you should ask him to start walking around and interview people with your bag. ­čÖé It will have made a bigger story. ­čÖé

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