Crossover Video: Veron on my China Pocket PDA (aka iPhone clone)

Some of you who have hung out with me recently saw the China “Pocket PDA” phone I had finally found (see photo). At the Microsoft ReMIX conference, I used it to thank the audience at our South-East Asia panel by waving the word BYE in the air.

Some time ago, a friend of a friend told me a story about a fabled phone from China which could project words in the air (what I knew as persistent vision), so in my recent trip to Sim Lim with my dad, I asked around. Picking on a typical China gadget stall, the sales guy was surprised that I even knew about the existence of such a phone, and was even curious on how I came to know about it.

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As seen in the photos above, there were several feminine candybar cellphones, an iPhone clone which accepts two active SIM cards as well as that tiny Pocket PDA phone which had all the bells and whistles. Playing with this Pocket PDA phone, I was shocked to realize how it had a ton of other features, including a motion sensor which lets you automatically re-orientate your videos from portrait to landscape view and a realistic dice game where you shake the phone.

Thanks to Veron, I don’t have to say much about the phone since she’s blogged an impressive overview of this culturally quirky artifact.

Aside: I was chatting with Veron about how Singaporean bloggers should try to do crossovers, as in typical superhero comic books tradition. I’ve seen this done in the States, where bloggers often appear on each others blogs. Being in a small country like Singapore, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Just call up your neighborhood blogger, have a meal, chit chat and when inspiration hits, record those special moments. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Crossover Video: Veron on my China Pocket PDA (aka iPhone clone)

  1. Thanks, hawtie, for letting me play with your gadget. You neglected to mention how many features I discovered in your China phone!

    Oh, if you could get me drunk enough, we should possibly do that video collaboration someday. All jokes aside, it sounds like a really fun idea and would provide our readers with a unique and interesting read/view.

  2. @Liyana: I’ve heard of cellphones where you could put in two SIM cards, but had to switch between them. The larger iPhone clone shown above actually takes two “active” SIM cards, meaning that you could receive calls on two numbers!

    @Veron: Yes yes, Veron found more features than me. Happy now? 🙂

  3. i see.. didn’t know that China made phones are that good and interesintg. really so tempting.. hehe.. thanks for sharing Kevin..

  4. Not releasing the iphone in asia is a big mistake for Jobs… now the Chinese will make a phone with double the features and at half the price. BooHoo… spoil iphone market.

  5. These China phone models wouldn’t even put a dent on the iPhone craze. People will get the iPhone anyway.

    @Kevin: Are you gonna buy an iPhone once you get back to the States?

  6. I think I can sum it up this way: China iPhone clones = Poor man’s iPhone (and a really darn good one at that!). At least there’s something for everyone!

    I’ve always intended to get the iPhone, but the long-term costs is what’s holding me back. I don’t particularly like AT&T and my T-mobile customer service folks have been treating me so well. It’s heartbreaking to terminate a relationship with someone you like. From Call to Action, I’m demoting the iPhone to KIV.

    I’ve been a T-mobile customer for 5 years already, just like Cali Lewis of She explains my iPhone situation “right to the T” in this episode of her show.

  7. My bro was telling me months back about this airtime feature in China phones and everybody I’ve told that to just didn’t believe me.

    I feel like getting this phone JUST to prove to them such things EXIST!

    On another note, u did say u won’t use this phone… any reason why? I’m looking to replace my Atom. My main purpose for the phone is to play videos for others, so screen size, visual and audio clarity is important.

    BTW, is there a website for these phones where I can find more technical details, especially for the iClone?

  8. @Ruok: These phones are fun, but that’s it. If you want it to make reliable calls, it’s not something it does. The receiving party could barely hear me when I used this phone to make calls.

  9. Hi, got to know about ur blog from veron when she was blogging about this iPhone clone. Her blog is full of interesting & useful info.

    Was wondering, which shop in Sim Lim sell this phone? I’d like to take a look n thinking of buying:)

  10. I have one of these phones! It came with no manual thou 🙁 if anyone has one or can tell me where to find one it would be great. The pphone itself is phantastic!!!

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