Oh crap, I’m nominated for Ping.sg’s Blog Awards

Most Interactive BlogMost Entertaining PostBest Citizen Journalism Post

The kind folks at Ping.sg seemed to enjoy some of the posts I’ve produced and have nominated this blog for three categories, so let’s do a quick review:

1. Most Interactive Blog
Probably for the livecasting gig I’ve been performing. While in itself an interesting experience for me, I’m always happy to hear from strangers thanking me for letting them participate in events virtually while being stuck at work or at home.

2. Most Entertaining Post
I’ve always wanted to lipdub anyway, so when I was waiting around with the notorious Digital Terrorist, we unleashed hell. Anyone care to do another?

3. Best Citizen Journalism Post
Scarily, two of my blog posts got nominated for this category, namely reports from BlogOut and Geek Terminal’s launch party. Not exactly cutting edge journalism in the vein of Nicole Lapin, but I’ll take whatever medal comes along 😛

Now that you know what this blog has been nominated for, do check out the other blog contenders. It’s a great way to learn more about the Singapore blogosphere, which is really thriving with creative output. While some might dispute the validity of blog awards, I do see it as a healthy way of creating excitement in a local community. Just watch this blog awards I did for my students in April as part of my research on using game mechanics in the classroom.

Incidentally, this blog awards concept is a positive way of marketing and celebrating Ping.sg’s 1st anniversary. If you’re not already familiar, Ping.sg is Singapore’s Digg-like blog community aggregator (where Pings = votes). Behind it is talented web developer U-Zyn, with visuals provided by popular web designer Veron.

Aside: For the same reason why I typically don’t drop my name card into raffles or lucky draws, I don’t join blog awards. That is, if I can get by on my own, I’d rather see someone else given a chance to benefit from winning. Please vote for the other deserving chaps. If I am forced to win in any category, I will bring the entire Ping.sg party down by performing a terribly live lipdub of Hugh Grant’s “Pop! Goes My Heart“. You have been warned. Grrr!

5 thoughts on “Oh crap, I’m nominated for Ping.sg’s Blog Awards

  1. I hope you consider going to the ping.sg party anyways 🙂

    By the way, “Pop! Goes my heart” was the only highlight from the sleep inducing, “Music and lyrics”

  2. @marina: Sacré bleu! Such is humor, for I will be there. Remember, vote for me = no. Otherwise you’d literally face the music (and lyrics) 😛

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