Video: “Youtube and beyond” @ National Library (director’s cut)

If you missed the “Youtube and beyond” talk I gave at the National Library or simply want a recap, here’s my director’s cut of the online video sharing session. It’s 1hr 50mins long, but I’m tagging it so you can skip to the parts you like.

This talk was presented as a personal story of my quest for pushing online video to its limits, so I covered the different video sharing services out there, when to use what, how to encode good-looking online videos as well as demonstrations on the future of online video (e.g. in-video search, hyperlinking keyframes, lifecasting).

As an experiment, I simulcasted the talk on my blog, but the internet connection so wonky that it cut off half way. Still worth a watch as it gives a “behind the scenes” look at what happened before the talk (from 6.30pm onwards).

Anyway, I also shared a wiki page showing everything I was presenting, so viewers at home or office could follow along by browsing through the actual web pages or charts I was talking about. I wanted to have remote viewers twitter me questions, but it would be too much for me at that point in time.

After checking with library officials, about 60 people attended the event. And to think I was said 30 would show up while Ivan said at least 50. It’s a hot topic for sure. They came from various industries, from national education, to journalism, to software developers. There were drop-ins from the public too, and I only wish I had time to meet them all face to face.

Response to the event has been pretty positive, as seen in this illustrated post by the Rambling Librarian, a usability-related post by Lucian of WebSG, a discussion of why videoblogging hasn’t taken off by DK, an assessment of my performance by Siva (aka Otterman) who incidentally helped me with the Skitch demo for the early birds. I read the comments on their blogs for more or less unbiased thoughts.

Generally, it’s hard to please a large crowd, since I had to be more broad than in-depth in my talk to make sure people leave satisfied. Some wanted deeper discussion into Creative Commons (which is a HUGE topic), while others wanted more tech talk such as learning even more about video encoding.

I enjoyed sharing what I know. Giving is perhaps the best gift anyone could ever have, so this was the perfect thing for my to do for my 30th birthday… to give something back to society. Before you go, don’t forget the wikified cliff notes I mentioned.

BTW: Here are photos from the event taken by Lucian, Ivan and Siva.

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  1. Congratulations for a successful talk. With the video, you will get to share your knowledge with more people.

  2. Yeah, I like the idea that when someone Google’s for something, they get what they probably need. This is one of the reasons why I blog, to hopefully make the web more useful ­čÖé

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