Video Review: Waterfield Nintendo DS Lite case (for classy gamers)

The Nintendo DS lite is well-recognized as a cleverly designed portable gaming console appealing to the young and old. Still, if you’re a working professional and you love playing with your DS lite during your downtime, how are you going to have your colleagues take you seriously?

Consider this… Waterfield’s been making classy yet study Apple Powerbook bags back in the day and their traditional styling lives on. Consider upping your ante with one of their classy Waterfield’s Nintendo DS Lite cases.

As detailed in my review, the design features:
– Ballistic Nylon exterior
– Double layer leather flap
– Super soft lining to keep the DS Lite scratch free
– Storage for 6 DS Games
– Stylus holder
– Rear back pocket w/ Self Locking Zipper
– Pull strap (to ease removing your unit from the case)

At US$39, I know it’s a little pricey, but watch the video review to see the level of detail that goes into the case design. If you’ve got doubts, check out the SFbags FAQ or see Alec’s photo gallery of his DS lite case.

If you’re interested, you can order one online at

Thanks: Heidi Marzke of SFbags for providing the product for review.

8 thoughts on “Video Review: Waterfield Nintendo DS Lite case (for classy gamers)

  1. Thanks for sharing this info! Cool! Btw, does this bag fit a non-Lite DS? Coz I didnt buy the Lite, but the initial version…thnks

  2. @C.S.: I don’t think it’ll fit the original DS since it’s much larger in size. However, according to the SFbags FAQ, several customers have used their Large PSP Gear Pouch with their original DS.

  3. I used to play with the gameboy colour many many moons ago. It was great fun with games like Tiny Toons, Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog and that Ninja game. Nowadays, I can’t do that anymore as my highly distractable son will immediately jump onto my lap and take over!

  4. Hey Kevin,
    nice meeting you today!
    it was interesting getting to know what gadgets you carry around. and where do i look for video archives?

  5. alright thanks for the links…will check them out!
    by the way, you are a mac junkie as well! just like me!
    wonder if you know of any mac software than is able to convert Real video files to anything else?


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