“I Heart My Library” gone wild…

"I Heart My Library" gone wrong... - 1
This is my favorite… there are plenty more to see over here.

Why do I love our libraries?
Everyday life gets interesting when you let anyone through your doors.

In addition to people watching, you’ll see plenty of these “I Heart My Library” post-it notes whenever you visit the local library. It’s twitter, mind-reading, disturbing, micro-blogging, graffiti, artistic expression, literary gaming, anonymous, revealing, quirky, and everything in between. Ironically, these love-notes are part of a campaign on respecting your library. I love it simply because it’s a subversive channel of expression for library users in Singapore.

I’ve found plenty more. If you find interesting ones yourself, flickr tag it “iheartmylibrary“.

6 thoughts on ““I Heart My Library” gone wild…

  1. Ha ha… that’s pretty funny in a weird sort of way. Its seems to be some pretty tormented comedic soul bursting at the seams.


  2. I’m just waiting for the hearts to be very obscene – the sort of stuff you see on the public toilet walls like, “Gay Sex? 9xxxxxxx.”

  3. At one of the branches I was at, there was a user who would write all sorts of anti-govt rantings and surreal sentences (in broken English) on contest coupons, filling up the entry boxes. Quite interesting to read, and a regular affair though I didn’t find out who the person was. Yes, you get all kinds of people at the libraries.

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