Photos: iX Conference’s “Chillout 2.0” Party (who’s SPG?)

iX Conference 2007: Chillout 2.0
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Held at Paulaner Bräuhaus along Millenia Walk, the beer establishment was home to the chillout party for iX conference participants, which was running just across the street at Suntec City Convention Center.

We had a glorious German fare, with Coleman stuffing himself with thick sausages as usual. While we see the usual bloggers and web developers at the event, one person which took my particular attention was SPG, aka Sarong Party Girl.

If you don’t already know…

In 2005, a 19-year-old Singaporean blogger known as Isabella X wrote first under the alias “Sarong Party Girl” and then later as “Miss Izzy.” She received attention in the local press after posting nude photographs of herself on her webpage. Her blog, which began in 2004, often discusses the politics of sexuality, religion and controversial issues such as the death penalty; in addition to documenting her often tragic/comic encounters with white expatriates. As of 2007, she continued to post provocative photos of herself on the site and write articles for Today and a monthly column for FHM Singapore.

Anyway, I bumped into Coleman at the eLearning track of the conference, where we saw two speakers talking about gaming and pedagogy. After the tea break, most of the participants left so we both moved to the available tables towards the front. One of the paper pads left behind had hand-drawn fashion illustrations of ladies.

“SPG was here”, said Coleman.
Looking around, I went “really?”

She draws quite well, and if you google her, you’ll find at least three of her blogs which she’s transitioned over time. The latest of which shows her handiwork. Moving away from sex columns, Isabella (yes, that’s her name) has gone into the business of social media and has even joined the folks at The Digital Movement. I was standing right there it happened. 😛

Anyway enjoy the photos, it’s probably one of the last few chances I get to snap pictures with almost everyone in our blogosphere. Being my birthday also helps in rounding up folks. I’ve annotated the photos to show who’s who for your benefit.

Here you go…

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