Happy Birthday to me…

Japanese Birthday Cake
My mum brought this in as she wished me Happy Birthday…

Woke up this morning, realizing I was now thirty… and that there’s nothing I could do about it.

Having spent just over six years in Buffalo, birthdays flew by and I never took notice. Being there felt like being in a capsule, where time was irrelevant and you were somehow safe from the world. Now as I turn much older and temporarily residing in a super-dense city (Singapore), I’ve only started to realize how much time has flown by.

If my six months stay in Singapore has taught me anything, it’s that for everyone I’ve met, age makes no difference to them. MrBrown is much older than me, and when I visited his office filled with collectible toys and video games, I asked him if he was living his second childhood. He thought “yes” at first, then he said he never really grew up. Ironically, Ming of Nuffnang (Singapore) is only 24, and while he looks older, I wonder if corporations know to take his blog advertising business seriously. Last night at the iX conference dinner party (i.e. Chillout 2.0), most of the eligible geek ladies I knew were younger than me, yet it’d be hard pressed for anyone to guess if all they saw were their blogs.

Relating to this, I understand that more of my peers are quitting their day jobs to pursue their dream of building a startup. For aspiring web 2.0 folks out there… “Don’t think too much. Shoot first, Ask questions later”. Be it work or love life, I find that the typical Singaporean over-analyzes things. Play is becoming a rare commodity from our everyday lives… joys are often discovered by accident, something you’d never find by standing on the sidelines pondering.

Just think about it… this was how Youtube and Flickr were accidentally born.

At thirty, I’m definitely still playing. Or haven’t you noticed?

Update: The Rambling Librarian composes an Enya-like song for me called “Happiness Is“.

38 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me…

  1. The Digital Terrorist wishes Kevin a very happy birthday. May you have a prosperous life filled with girls, gadgets and gizmos! 😀

  2. Happy Birthday brotha!!

    Lets go party and get naked!! you know you want to!! yeah you know it! you know it too well!!

  3. It’s always been a wonderful experience talking with you. And I realize seriously what interesting times people left comments on your blog.


    Birthday is a +1 experience. Level up well!

  4. I just rushed home from dinner to do a “merlion”. Obviously my Pepper Lunch lamb dish wasn’t cooked properly during lunch so my entire day’s meals came spewing out. I feel so much better now. Thanks for the comment love and looks like some of you are celebrating soon enough too.

  5. Happy birthday dude! You’ll always seem 25 to me!
    And keep on playing… you’ve managed to make that a sustainable career …. congrats!

  6. Happy Birthday Kevin. If you were standing right in front of me, I have my double bass nearby me and I will play a birthday tune for you. I’m sorry I’m not, so here’s an imaginary birthday song played for you, on my imaginary double bass.

  7. I forgot your birthday gift… You get: A free stay in Greenville, SC if you ever come down here!

  8. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to guy who is married to his Mac but looking for a girlllll…..
    Happy birthday to you

    And cancel that plane ticket back to Buffalo….

  9. happy birthday to u… i had my birthday on thursday… but unlike u… i woke up… walk to the bathroom… along the way… i saw my mum… she said…” is it your birthday, today?”… i said ” yeah”… she replied in a slightly chirpy manner “good! Happy birthday!”… i leaned against the door frame… looked at her… she was still sitting on her bed typing her sms… “thanks, mum”… and i walked into the bathroom… all the while… i was thinking – weird, mum

    and that’s all i get on my birthday from mum… sigh

  10. Hey Kevin,

    Happy belated B-day!

    When you get back in Buffalo I’ll take you out for lunch to celebrate.

    Looking forward to your return.

    : )

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