Choose Your Video: The iX New Media Academic Forum

iX Conference Academic Forum (Part 1)

iX Conference Academic Forum (Part 2)

iX Conference Academic Forum (Part 3)

iX Conference Academic Forum (Part 4)

Earlier this afternoon, I provided a live video stream of the iX new media academic forum via to Operator11 (thanks Ben!)

For the sake of neatness, I’ve chronologically prepared splash images for each part that was recorded as seen above. Do note that this was videographed to the best of my ability, so some parts of their speech might be missing (e.g. late recording, battery swap), or you might see things that went on beyond the talk (e.g. Part 2 includes tea time!).

Thanks to ever hardworking The Digital Movement group for providing sponsorship and networking opportunities at this event.

Update: For an awesome transcription of this event, check out the liveblogging post at Singapore Entrepreneurs. You can also view photos everyone took here