Live webcast of “Youtube and Beyond” @ National Library

Watch this space for the live webcast…

From the emails I’ve been getting, I understand that some of you don’t want to miss this, but can’t come. If the demo gods are on my side, the above video player will spring to life at the scheduled time (Singapore time: 6.30pm / San Francisco time: 3.30am).

If you’re planning to attend the talk, feel free to come at 6pm, but do note that the talk will officially begin at 7pm. For those who come early, they’ll get to play with Skitch (to earn preview invites), mingle and ask questions before the talk, as well as observe me setting up my video recording and webcasting gear (I’ll entertain curious onlookers).

If 7pm is still hard for you, do not be afraid to come late. Get what you can out of the collective intelligence in the room and get cracking on your own videos soon.

UPDATE 1: This just in! To help viewers see what I’m presenting, here’s my presentation outline. No Keynote nor Powerpoint, just straight-up storytelling from a guy who has always wanted more out of video. You can pose questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them during the talk. Enjoy!

UPDATE 2: Sorry, but the Internet connection kept dropping so the webcast didn’t go smoothly. I will put up a mash-up of videos from various cameras around the room.

UPDATE 3: After checking with library officials, about 60 people attended the event. They came from various industries, from national education, to journalism, to software developers. There were drop-ins from the public too, and I only wish I had time to meet them all face to face. Thanks for coming all. Stay tuned for a complete video compilation of the talk.

16 thoughts on “Live webcast of “Youtube and Beyond” @ National Library

  1. Hey, that was really an eye-opener. I didn’t know that there were more than just youtube and google video, not to mention the tools and the futuristic possibility of experiencing through extrasensory perception (unless I got it wrong totally). That totally blew my mind. 🙂 Well done!

  2. Hey, I definitely benefitted from your talk. And thanks for sharing the information. Keep it up! : )

  3. Kevin, thanks for the great presentation! Sorry we had to duck out early. 🙁 But, I’ll watch the end of the presentation later today. Very informative. I appreciate all your sharing. Now, where are all the links…

  4. @Siva: Thanks for helping me demo Skitch!

    @Vantan: Thanks for coming despite your busy schedule. For some reason your mybloglog icon is huge! 😀

    @Hazman: Nice to finally get to see you and I wish you all the best for getting the NTU library into the Web 2.0 bandwagon.

    @simplyjean: I’m glad you enjoyed. I wish I had a chance to meet people like you in person. Just didn’t have enough time.

    @Lynn: Were you the one who emailed me? So you actually came down? Wish we could have met up!

    @Leon: Sorry I couldn’t spend too much time going into copyright, which is a very legitimate issue for discussion. The juicer parts came towards the end where I showed video searching technology, but by then it was close to overtime so I had to double up. The links are on a wiki, see “Update 1” in this post 🙂

  5. Sorry to have missed this but I couldn’t get away from my dearly beloved office. And Van’s icon is especially huge so that you can admire her lovely mien better.

  6. I’ve learnt quite abit from this talk, though I couldn’t really hear very well at some point – I was sitting at the last row!

    Thank you for giving this talk!

  7. Yea, I am the one who emailed you. Unfortunately, I could not turn up in person but watched the video though. : ) Would love to learn from you guys if you have more of such stuff!

  8. @Walter: No problem man!

    @Victor Tan: Coming from someone sitting in the last row,and paying attention throughout a very long talk, that’s good news 😀

    @Lynn: Feel free to contact me if you have any particular question relating to video or blogging for that matter 🙂

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