Overbooked, out of moo, and so outta time…

New name cards: Good or Bad?

It’s going to be quite a killer week since I’ll be giving that “Youtube and beyond…” public talk at the National Library (19th June). There are about 30 people who have RSVPed, but since it’s a public talk, the Rambling Librarian says that we should expect 50 or more.

This is followed by my sponsored attendance as a local representative for the iX Conference (20th-21th June). A few Web 2.0 related bloggers are also sponsored like me, and our commitment involves sharing local knowledge of our social media environment, much like being “tourist guides” to our online culture.

Speaking about video sharing, I still have tons of footage from various startups, bloggers and reviews I’ve yet to edit and upload. I think I overdid it as I’m now down with the flu. It takes up so much time to edit videos, my dream of being a “one man show” is getting tough. Adding to the pressure, I’ve been given offers to live-stream various tech-related events, both paid and unpaid.

I am concerned about making commitments like that, especially since I’ve to prioritize my academic work. While I ponder on this, it is heartening to see that I’ve stumbled on a new business opportunity with my sousveillance backpack. What I’ve been doing isn’t hard for anyone to replicate, but some video expertise definitely helps. I’ll be sharing all this on Tuesday at the talk.

Oh, since I’ve totally ran out of moo name cards, I thought I’d better prepare new ones especially for next week. I’ve added a photo of myself to help in recall. What do you think?

Aside 1: Thanks to my awesome mum for making me a “lemon pulp with honey” drink. A perfect antidote for my flu!

Aside 2: Carolyn was sends me a neat “Get Well Soon” e-card. She’s a Singaporean photoblogger located in Arizona, USA.

11 thoughts on “Overbooked, out of moo, and so outta time…

  1. Hey Kevin, what I said was for you, I’d expect no less than 50 people. Pressure eh? 🙂 Kidding man. Two or Twenty or Two-hundred people, I’m sure you’ll give it your best.

  2. @Ivan: Smaller is easier, but yes, I’ve worked with 75 students every week before, so it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

  3. Overcommitment is the story of my life too Kevin. I have got tonnes of photos and half written posts that I have yet to complete. Also videos too that will be excellent material for my blog.

    For now, I am going to spend more time with my family and less time blogging. Now I realise why so few fathers blog!

  4. @lancerlord: Thanks, the picture was taken by chance by a photographer friend, and I simply did the layout to make these name cards. If you’re interested, I got these printed at Bras Basah for $18 per 100 cards. One-sided full color. 😀

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