Introducing Maizer… the cat that pee-ed on my Mac

My brother's quiet cat

Maizer the family cat is a quiet cat. He spends his days around the house, looking and smelling things, sometimes venturing outside on his own, and lazing around the estate. He never really bothers anyone, but appreciates a good rub and food at the right times.

Maizer has a brother, and here’s my brother holding onto him (yes, I said brother twice). Both cats were rescued animals and since one of our relatives is runs a veterinarian clinic, we decided to take care of Maizer.

My sister's naughty dog

This is my sister’s crazy schnauzer, Miso. Most schnauzers are quiet, but not this white one. For some reason, Miso is hyperactive and we have to take turns to play with him. He barks at everything and is especially afraid of those mosquito killing smoke machines that visit our neighborhood fortnightly. I know he’s scare because he shivers, so we try to calm him down by being there to pet him. The only terrible part is that when we do that, he tries to climb and lick all us over, which is pretty disgusting.

This is Maizer the cat if he gets overfed. Fortunately our hyperactive dog chases the cat around a lot, so its good exercise. Looks kinda like Maizer right? All the way from China, this heavyweight cat weighs in at 15 kilograms with a waist of 77 centimeters.

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BTW: If you don’t have a pet, then talk about your computer I guess.

16 thoughts on “Introducing Maizer… the cat that pee-ed on my Mac

  1. Err .. I hope you dont mind me saying this, but your bro looks adorable. The senior bro looks good too 🙂

    Cats are lovely companions.(cept when it pees on the laptop) We used to have loads of cats and I just like how these fluffy creatures purr and get affectionate. The rest of my siblings had athma though, so when we moved, my dad insisted that we release our kitty. We couldnt keep any 🙁

    Oh how I miss my tri-coloured Heidi.

  2. I hate cats. I hate fat cats. I hate fat cats with hats. I hate fat cats with cats who crave pats. I hate fat cat with hats who crave pats and are all about that! I hate cats – period!

  3. Maizer looks so sweet in that photo!

    When I was 10 I had a cat called Tabby which was a stray too. Sadly my family is a strictly no-cat household so today I only have my pet hamster, Strawberry. I Twitter-ed about her here and you can check her out here. Strawberry must be the only hamster ever to hate her exercise wheel, that’s why she’s so fat.

  4. Fwah! That’s one handsome-looking cat, especially in that photo with your bro. But when it comes to cuteness, he can’t beat my kitten of course. (Sorry, couldn’t resist! :P)

    Your bro’s cute too! (Couldn’t resist that too.) But not as hawt as you, obviously 😉

  5. Glad to find fellow cat lovers… I had dinner recently with some tech bloggers and they outnumbered me with their preference for dogs. Meeeeooooowwww! >O

    @M-H: A tuxedo cat! 😀

    @modcentric: Sorry to hear about Tabby. We sneaked in kittens to our rooms before, but parents finally caved in to Maizer. Strawberry is sooo cute! had hamsters before too, but they die too fast and I remember having elaborate funerals for them, complete with burials in the grassland behind the home.

    @Veron: Time for you to post an update on your cat! That was in 2005. 😛

  6. Hey Kevin. Yeah, cats do that sometimes when they are competing for attention, and you said it: your laptop *is* your pet.

    In January, we lost my dear Josie, who was a blogger and had been on the Weather Channel. As her mistress, I was very proud of her. This morning, a great biblioblogger and blogging scholar, Michael Stephens (Tame the Web), lost his Jake. So, the feelings of pets are bittersweet for some, and we might even have them back if it meant peeing on the keyboard. Enjoy your time with the babies.

    My (modest) pet_loss tag.


  7. @Jennimi: Wow! Sorry to hear about Josie. I also wouldn’t know what to do if our cat one day isn’t around. He’s on my bed now looking back at me. You pet_loss tag is like a pet obituary aggregator. Awesome idea. 🙂

  8. Hey guys, What a fat Cat!!!
    Just passed by to say:
    From Africa to the World.Peace

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