Uh-Oh! The cat pee-ed on my Mac…

Cat Pee-ed on my Mac! (without flash)
See the “with flash” photo if you want to see the stinky yellow cat pee…

Came back from lunch, worked on my Mac while listening to Steve’s WWDC keynote address. Wanting to rip my Leftfield “Rhythm and Stealth” album into iTunes, I lifted up my MacBook Pro from the stand to get at the CD drive slot, only to realize that the bottom edge was all wet. Did my Mac spring a leak?

Taking a sniff, it didn’t take me long to realize that our cat had pee-ed on my rig, aiming squarely at the Logitech Alto where the MacBook Pro stood (erm, Logitech Alto review coming soon). I don’t know how he did it, but he gracefully got only the silicon parts of the keyboard hinge wet, with my Mac just a fraction of an inch in stinky pee, missing the internal battery just as much.

Like an experienced surgeon, my mum handed me the right type of absorbent cloth to dampen out the pee, while handing me some lemon deodorizer to kill the smell. Wiping it down, I realize the cat was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he was pissed that I spent more time in front of the Mac…

BTW: Just inches away was my Sony Vaio UX. I don’t think that would have survived if our cat weren’t so steady on the draw.

18 thoughts on “Uh-Oh! The cat pee-ed on my Mac…

  1. Yay! I didn’t know you have a cat! What’s his name and color?

    Bad luck dude. Yet this isn’t half as bad as the time I spilled nail polish remover all over my expensive laptop ($4K+) and totally wrecked it. The circuit board was corroded! Ouch!

  2. it will be a disaster if your cat peed on your macbook pro. lesson learned today: dont let your cat in when you are out. I always close my room when I am out. I dont want my cats to chew on my cables, scratch my apple router, or even steal my ipod nano.

  3. Oh,what a pity !
    But i think your cat is really smart , because it knows how to get your attention. hehe , just joke 🙂
    and does your keyboard still work ?

  4. @Veron: Family cat’s name is Maizer. Brother named him from some cartoon mouse or hamster I think. I’ve pictures of him in my flickr, will share some here. Sorry to hear about your laptop… which one was it? Not a Mac?

    @nuMetal: Was cleaning when my blogger instinct took over. Shoot first, Ask questions later.

    @Yohannes: Hmm, now I’m curious as to whether most Mac users are cat lovers…

    @Straydog: Wow, your nick is straydog, but you have cats!?! Yeah, this is the weirdest cat evar!

    @modcentric: I’ll share pictures soon.

    @Jacelyn: I think there are too many animals in the house, including me.

    @Otterman: You’re right. I should do that! 😀

    @fatcat: This is the kind of cat Singapore should have… the kind that pees on your Mac is the kind that creates Youtubes and Skypes. 😛

    @Wayne: Yeah, it was kinda strange that he climbed up the table just to pee there. Cats usually pee on the ground. Everything working fine. Maybe I should buy 4D lottery or something.

  5. My cat died last month.

    And whereas my wife is sad, I’m ambivalent, well…ok…happy. He peed and scratched for 15 years…it is such a big relief not to have that to worry about.

    So good luck with your cat.

  6. My cat pees on the bathroom floor because he can’t squat properly in the dirtbox. But he is 17 years old. But if he did it near my new macbook he would end his long life very quickly!

  7. Kevin, your is not worse.
    My cat, Puffy, a 3 years old persian cat, get jealous easily when no attention given to her.

    What happened last year, the cat shit on keyboard of my notebook because I didn’t give her attention due to examination time !

    Luckily, her shit i concrete not watery or else she probably end up as decoration mummy.

  8. Leftfield’s good stuff. Pity they only made 2 albums. :/

    The CD was shit ass expensive when I last bought it.

  9. @jer: Modcentric introduced me to a CD store at Shaw Towers where exotic albums were dirt cheap. I got Rhythm and Stealth for S$6.50!

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