theorycast.25 :: Modcentric and our dangerous “donuts” expedition

UPDATE: Now featured on the Viddler Development Blog. Thanks Colin Devroe!

In this awesome 25th episode of theorycast, Modcentric (aka Georgiana) and I travel around Singapore tasting donuts of all sorts. It’s a dangerous mission, but someone has to do it! If you already don’t know, Singapore’s currently experiencing a donut craze, as I’ve covered here and more recently, here. Ironically, the Sunday Times just did a full page review of donuts around Singapore!

While heart-stopping sugar bombs await us, I get to learn more about Georgiana, who blogs and podcasts about music from the 60s, especially ones from Singapore. A lot of people don’t realize that Singapore had an amazing musical era back in the 60s, where some bands were as popular as the Beatles! Interestingly, being in a band in Singapore today doesn’t seem as hip as back in the hey-days.

In this half-hour travelogue, you’ll learn more about Georgiana’s blog and how she produces her podcasts. Incidentally, she uses Podomatic, which is a fairly popular site for uploading and sharing your own podcasts. She mentions Audio Hijack, a popular Mac application for rewiring audio in and out of your Mac.

As tagged in the video above, here are the donut places we tried in chronological sequence:
1. Traditional Malay Donuts @ Clementi (failed, arrived late)
2. Our Chinese Donuts @ Clementi (3/5 stars)
3. Cream Puffs @ Beard Papa’s (3.5/5 stars)
4. Spicy Cheese @ Double Chocolate Donuts @ Donut Factory (3/5 & 4/5 stars)
5. Pop Doh donut @ Takashimaya (5/5 stars!)
6. Mighty Almonds donut @ Vinco, Vivocity (2.5/5 stars)

By the end of the day, we felt pretty sick, so you’ll get some health tips from me if you ever want to do anything as crazy as this!

11 thoughts on “theorycast.25 :: Modcentric and our dangerous “donuts” expedition

  1. I’m upset I didn’t get to go! I blame SEX… and the city 🙂 what do u expect… hangover from 3 seasons in 36 hours!

  2. Vids loading a little slow for me :

    I got through the malay doughnuts so far. As far as I know, there isnt really a malay doughnut stall in Clementi. Actually there isnt that much muslim stalls in Clementi.

    You can try to find kueh keria at Hajah Maimmunah near the Sultan Mosque if you are still in the mood though I dont know how you could still have the stomach for it now 🙂

    Oh, word of caution, keria is very very sweet as its coated with melted sugar.

  3. @eStee: I certify you “nympho”. 😛
    @marina: Yes, someone also warned us about the keria being extremely sweet. Dangerous indeed! 😀

  4. I don’t get this donut craze… Its just donuts! They’ve been around for years and only now people make a big deal about them. BTW, if you’re interested there are some amazing sugar-coated donuts at Ka Fei Dian on Beach Road. =) Got to get them before lunch ‘cos they run out quick.

  5. Question I have for Georgiana is with regards to her blog is whether there is a flouting of intellectual property rights. I understand that she is probably making music available to us digital types, but shouldn’t that be the prerogative of the content creators?

  6. Hi Lucian: As a music blogger, I’m aware that I walk a thin line where copyright is concerned. Hence, I take precautions when music blogging. I haven’t had any complaints from labels or artists in the 3 years I’ve been music blogging. I’m a music fan and hurting the industry or artist is not something I’m out to do.

    First and foremost, I do not post music by mainstream 60s artists, whose music you can get easily at any cd store (eg. Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis). Or music from the standard “Best of 1960s” cd compilations.

    My blog is really about the obscure artists whose material you can only enjoy if you happen to own the vinyl record or if you manage to acquire rare compilation cds.

    Let me give you the case of Asian 60s music: most of the recorded material have not been released in cd compilations. Some might even have been lost forever (in the case of releases put out by the independent labels). Yes, there are few cd re-issues in Singapore, but this barely scratches the surface of all that was released in the 60s, when Singapore saw an explosion in local bands and artists.

    So my blog sets out to remember these artists who would otherwise be forgotten in passage of time. If the record labels who hold the rights to 1960s releases would put out more cd compilations, or if some organisation out there would set out and archive our local music heritage (like a digital repository of music tracks or something), I’ll be more than happy. But to my knowledge, that’s not happening right now.

    Other rules in my music blogging mantra:
    A. I don’t post full albums (and I do not link to sites that do so)
    B. All files are up for a max of 1 month
    C. As far as possible I link to sites where you can purchase the music legally
    D. I don’t just throw a music file in each post. I try to educate, even if it means I have to spend a lot of time researching and going blind over microfilms. 🙂

    Sorry for the long reply to your comment. But I get pretty passionate about my music blog. Let me know if there’s any point you’ll like me to explain further. 🙂

  7. @BenKoe: I’m up for brunch. Free for a morning donut this week?

    @Lucian: That’s always a tough question. I do feel that her podcast brings more value to the table since it lets us discover music which would otherwise be forgotten. My stance is that IP laws do well in protecting the owners’ interests, but fails to account for the public good which could have been realized. The best solution is one which could accommodate both private and public interests, such as “creative commons”, which is a step towards that. I think we should work towards those sort of solutions, rather than to be boxed up by it.

    @modcentric: Looks like you’ve stipulated your own terms and conditions. I do hope that the public will realize how important your historical production is, the public good it brings, and to be flexible enough to let it live, or to even promote it as a form of social education.

  8. Rule of thumb…. never use a skinny girl for donut tasting… they peck on the food instead of going for the full taste of a hearty bite… hahahahahaha!!!! You guys are bored!

    Suggestion: go try all the bubble teas in Singapore 😀 Flavour for flavour and pearl for pearl .. .hehehehehe i do it for Filet-o-Fishes.. they taste different from country to country.. oh and cheese burgers too….

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