Video: Why are you crazy over them donuts @ Donut Factory?

I happened to be at Raffles City when I saw the lines for Donut Factory. Being the nosy rockstar blogger that I am and having blogged about it, I chatted with the folks from Donuts Factory off-screen, then did a voxpop with some of the folks lining up for their dose of donuts. I tested their general knowledge of doughnuts, asked what their favorite flavors were, and learned more about the difference between donut shops in Singapore.

Did you know that after years of trying donuts of all sorts, the founder of Donut Factory actually wanted to franchise Krispy Kreme, only to discover how expensive it was, so he set this up on his own brand! Apparently he’s done so well that another store will be opening at Suntec City… only thing is, it won’t just be a store, but a full-fledged cafe!

Apparently there’s another similar donut shop at Vivocity setup by two girls (as featured in the media), but a mother lining up with her kid at the Donut Factory said that “that one cannot make it”. Does anyone recall the name of that store?

As a bonus, I bumped into some NTU students conducting a business consulting project on Donut Factory. Their project presentation is due this Friday (in a few hours), and they said they’d be willing to share their report with me when they’re done with it. In return, I’m sending them this video just to spice up their work. I learnt from one of the students, Vincent, that the founder intends to keep donuts trendy by constantly releasing new flavors. Will it work?

BTW: “That CD Shop” plays music so loud, there was little I could do to stop Celine Dion from murdering my interviews. Argh!

11 thoughts on “Video: Why are you crazy over them donuts @ Donut Factory?

  1. Dude,

    Thanks for the info+entertainment on this post.

    I’ve got a raw idea for an advertising campaign — I hear your first interviewee say he was queuing up to buy the donuts, in part to return the favour to friends who got him donuts the last time.

    So how about an advertising campaign with the theme – “Returning the favour” (pun on flavour of course)

    Main concepts –
    1. It’s a boast/reminder about how fantastic the donuts are, since making a purchase takes such deliberate effort.
    2. Shows how queuing up can be a demonstrable labour of love. Sometimes, it’s not the gift that counts, but how much time and effort it takes to get the gift… so you can score points with friends/partners by queuing up to get the donuts for them. (Another good reason to buy the donuts even if you don’t fancy the taste)

    If you speak to the owners again, say I’ll be glad to do the ad for them in exchange for donuts 😉

  2. Really good ideas, we should setup our own consulting company! OK all three of you, I haven’t tried the donuts… why don’t we all meetup and have some, then give our reviews on video?

  3. That CD store…ya..they blast their music real loud. I had to go tell them to tune it down; we were having coffee at nearby Gloria Jean.

  4. i always buy from the outlet in suntec, it takes around 15 min in the buy 2 & drinks queue.. so why dun u folks walk a little down to suntec city. (its next to carrefour)

  5. Hi
    I am a sporean and visited spore june 07. love donut factory. currently living in Indianapolis USA.. krispy creme not as good.. too sweet for me…. you did a really nice job on this interview.. i was just googling spore.. and remembered the donuts and came across you…. LOL…

    M planning to visit spore for CNY.. can’t wait for donuts again… yumm!!!!

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