theorycast.24 :: Brennan & Kevin discover a thing called love…

I’ve been talking non-stop about it. So on Friday close to midnight, after freeing ourselves of Cafe del Mar, I finally got restless enough to convince Brennan and Kelvin to do it with me.

Introducing the first lipdub of “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness, all while waiting at the Beach station of the Sentosa monorail.

Frankly speaking, I couldn’t remember all the lines, so it kinda ruined the fun of it. Still, the faces of others waiting in line for the train was truly priceless. Mondo liberating! Do tell me the parts you liked most.

BTW: I had issued a lipdubbing challenge to my students, and Valerie actually beat me to it!

21 thoughts on “theorycast.24 :: Brennan & Kevin discover a thing called love…

  1. LOL this is awesome! I can’t believe I missed it. My favorite part? Definitely the guitar throwing!

    So where was the music playing from? The guy in orange behind you didn’t even look up once. That’s funny too.

  2. That’s siao completely! Haha! Hardly do we see people doing the lipdub out of their homes!
    I was at Siloso Beach Resort, behind Cafe del Mar the night before too… 🙂

  3. @Veron: Guy behind me was playing with his PSP. He obviously felt that his game was more important than two blog celebrities behaving like kids.

    @Dickson: So when are you gonna make one? Should we get everyone interested to do a mega-lipdub together?

    @Valerie: I’ve update my post with a link to your lipdubs. Come on, I know you wanted it 😀

    @UncleSu: Why don’t you do one too?

  4. OK, is anyone (like DK) else interested in doing the next one with me? Sign up now with your favorite lipdubbing song!

  5. Or you can buy the bootleg (aka pirated) version from me. I make DVD with never-before-seen extras (i.e., shtos of audience laughing behind).

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