LIVE Video: Geek Terminal Official Launch Party

If you can’t decide whether to come down, at least you can see what’s happening first. Feel free to Direct Message me via Twitter if you wish to issue me commands.

Examples of twitters I’ve received include: “Climb up the bar counter and dance” from DK and “Buy Everything” from Lucian. Please people, if you’re sending me instructions, make it count.

In related news, business opportunities for this live video feed have started to come in. At the Geek Terminal launch party, an online marketing guy was interested in running ads alongside my videos, while another guy wanted to pay me to provide a live feed for some business event.

I think I might need to hire someone to write a custom videocasting webapp just for me to do this properly. The free videocasting services out there have one problem or another. If anyone’s interested to take this on, please let me know. We’ll work something out.

Update 1: Operator11 gives me limited airtime. Might switch to on my sidebar.
Update 2: Party’s now over. Total of thirty-five people watched this video live.
Update 3: Most of us showed off our Hitchoo cards. Everyone kept talking about it!
Update 4: Can’t hear us talking? I realized the wrong microphone was selected. Doh!

6 thoughts on “LIVE Video: Geek Terminal Official Launch Party

  1. Very, very cool. This is my first time seeing one of your live videos and I’m very impressed! You should definitely do this more often. Stay-home geeks all over would rejoice.

  2. Hey, the “Climb up the bar counter and dance” idea is really great. You might even get people offering you job as a full time dancer if you dance well.

    But if you don’t, at least its good entertainment for everyone. šŸ˜€

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