Watch what Kevin did at the museums…

Since International Museum Day ’07 ended this Sunday, I check out the Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum of SIngapore to see what’s going on there. Watch as I chat up young kids and hot chicks, check out the artsy museum activities and learn more about the hardcore volunteer groups they have at the musuems!

This video is dedicated to the hardworking bloggers over at

10 thoughts on “Watch what Kevin did at the museums…

  1. Thanks for the plug dude. Nice way of seeing the museums in a new light, with a virtual walkthrough plus insightful interviews thrown in. As I said, you are a one man media machine – from shooting, post production to broadcast all thrown in!

  2. Thanks Walter. This video took me a day to produce, but I hope it sheds some light on how fun museums can be, the kind of people who visit them and the life of volunteers.

  3. Good attempt. Quite fun. I prefer it if it is shorter in duration. I realised that making videos into a series of short clips capture my attention better. I can watch 5 minutes of it one time, and the another 5 minutes at another time, and so forth. Looks like contemporary life has affected the way I look at video too.

  4. Thanks for sharing. It is great that you are showing other interesting things to do in Singapore besides shopping and eating or queuing up for condos.

  5. @PY: Yes, I’ve learnt that online videos work best in short burst and where everything’s extra close-up. I couldn’t cut down the museum clips as much as the last segment on volunteer groups in Singapore was quite important.

    @Caroline: I think more Singaporeans are actually embracing the art scene. We have basically two types of Singaporeans, the heartlanders and cosmopolitans. I believe that the arts is trying to be accessible to the heartlanders by emphasizing local scenarios in their performances. Have faith 🙂

  6. Nice, I liked seeing some of the faces behind the volunteer groups as well as museum staff. The webpages tend to be all official and serious and we only see one rep per museum at Roundtable meetings. Definitely think some of them would blog.

    DIdn’t realise the museums were NOT chock-full of people, wonder where I got that impression. Will ask staff when the lulls are and certainly encourage my friends to visit then.

  7. Spidergirl! 😀

    oops, mandarin group has the NM website spelt wrongly. and you made the same error too (musEUm) ;P

    thanks so much for visiting the museums and making this entertaining video. if you want to visit ACM, let us know. we’ll help you out *wink wink*

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