theorycast.23 :: SoonR, not later, on your cellphone


theorycast.23 :: SoonR, not later, on your cellphone
Show Guest: Ian Loe • Location: BigO cafe @ Wheelock Place

Ian Loe’s a friend who works as a security and governance consultant at IBM. When I caught up with him in Singapore, he started raving about how great this cellphone webapp called SoonR was. Since I carry a camera as my standard sidearm, I had him demo SoonR on his Nokia E65 and his Dopod 838 Pro. Remotely connecting to his Mac back at home, he shows us how SoonR allows him to lookup his photo collection via the Internet on his cellphone. It seems easy enough, but the best part: There’s nothing to install on your phone!

BTW: Do you prefer having an animated video preview or the Youtube player in this blog post?

4 thoughts on “theorycast.23 :: SoonR, not later, on your cellphone

  1. Thanks for this. Not something I’d want to try (or can try) on my own, so the video has clued me in on what’s possible with the app. (BTW, I’d prefer a non-animated video preview. I can understand the usefulness of a preview — to let people know what’s worth watching. But rather distracting. Maybe can allow for both, i.e. the usual video screen and a separate and smaller preview area)

  2. With more of my friends using RSS readers to view my blog, animated gif previews let’s them see the video, instead of a blank space where the flash-based Youtube player would normally be. I’ll see how others respond to this and adjust accordingly. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  3. Hi, this is completely off-topic, but I’m the girl who was sitting two chairs from you at the debate on Saturday, and I was just wondering if the video of it is anywhere online, and if so, where I could access it?

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