Five things I hate about BlogOut 2007…

BlogOut 2007 @ Geek Terminal (Postcard)
See my entire set of funky photos from BlogOut 2007…

UPDATE: Woot! ValleyWag liked this post so much, they featured it! That’s a leg up for the Singaporean Web 2.0 scene! ๐Ÿ™‚

Having lived most of my blogging life in suburban Buffalo (Western New York), I realized that one downside of being in a city such as Singapore is that I’ve got too much to blog about. If it’s not meetups, it’s conferences, interviews, and just miscellaneous nonsense I get myself into in our urban jungle. Heck, I haven’t even had time to rant about recent issues in the media (i.e. UNSW’s closure isn’t our govt’s fault). I was about to share a long drawn out post on everything that happened at BlogOut, but I think it has already been covered in depth by others. So instead, here are five things I hate about BlogOut 2007:

1. There’s no point going back to the States…
BlogOut panorama

Pouring through the tons of photos and blog posts from last night’s BlogOut, it didn’t seem any different from those Web 2.0 parties in San Francisco. Just take a look at the stories on ValleyWag and compare them to the excellent panoramic photo above taken by Nic. Damn it, Singapore’s blogosphere just stole some “silicon valley” thunder. Grrrrr!

2. Everyone’s a #@&*-ing voyeur…
BlogOut @ Geek Terminal - 3Kevin on PhotoBooth

And I thought I was the only one! The first thing I saw when I arrived at Geek Terminal were the registration tables (on left). Equipped with enthusiastic “The Digital Movement” members and their iSight-enabled Macs, they snapped the faces of attendees and uploaded the photos together with their names here (that’s me on right). I first saw this idea from Lucian’s WebSG Meetup #1. The nice thing about this is that if you met anyone but forgot their names, you now have no excuse. I’m a big fan of online visual directories, and it looks like everyone’s stepping up to the plate. Grrrrr!

3. When Coleman’s around, forget about the chicks…
BlogOut @ Geek Terminal - 31BlogOut @ Geek Terminal - 37

On the left, you see Aileen and Priscillia. They are just two of the geek chicks you’ll meet at events like these. Let’s not forget Veron, Divya and Vanessa too. Now if you’re thinking of approaching either of them, first look around for this mysterious man named Coleman. As depicted in the blurry photo to the right, there he is calmly surfing the web on his Mac, while the ladies gravitate around him (see three or more seated beside him?). Remember, he did not even need to lift a finger or open his mouth for this to happen. If he did so, there would be no hope for the rest of the male population in that very room. Even though BlogOut was a sausage-fest, there would simply be no possible competition. This is why instead of fighting him, I’ve decided to join him, by printing a T-shirt in future which says “I know Coleman”. Perhaps some of his karma might rub onto me and I might just get lucky. If you want one, I suggest getting in line. Grrrrr!

4. Crap, I’m beginning to like Microsoft…
BlogOut @ Geek Terminal - 46Leon Brown

Talking face-to-face with Microsoft developers / bloggers, Nic Fillingham, Leon Brown, and Christian Cadeo, suddenly makes Microsoft that much more approachable. They asked us how they could improve the way they blogged and sponsored us prizes (which is always a good thing!). Above all, they showed people like me how Microsoft is moving towards Web 2.0 with webapps such as Popfly (video of Leon’s demo coming soon). Popfly essentially lets us make mashups by simply dragging and linking objects, such as a flickr object and a map object to create a geotagged map of photos. I didn’t get to see what Silverlight was about though. Still, with apps like these, Microsoft suddenly feels like a Yahoo!… not sure if they like that analogy, but that’s my take of it. Grrrrr!

5. Everyone was smarter and/or more popular than me…
Citizen journalism discussionstrange symbols

As seen in both photos by Nic, when you have Joe Augustin on your left and Jennifer Lewis on your right, you better know what you’re talking about. I tried to stick to the citizen journalism agenda, but we ended up talking about everything else. We seemed to enjoy rhetoric, since we didn’t need to draw strange symbols like the other groups did. I would have drawn flying cars anyway, since it’s way past the year 2000 and I still don’t see them around! Damn it I wanted to see what the others were talking about, but was stuck to my seat. Note to self: Plant wireless cameras above each table next time. Grrrrr!

There were actually more things I hated about BlogOut, such as how I never got a chance to try the food, or to actually mingle with the ladies (and Jennifer Lewis said I’d be a chick magnet… rubbish!). At least the WiFi worked under intense usage… I even got a call from one of my blog reader / friend saying how he was blown away by the video feed on my blog. I had to do a “peace sign” on camera just to prove it was happening in real time. Anyway, I had fun with the TDM crew and my fellow media socialist gang. I hate how I didn’t have this much fun at their age! Grrrrr!

TDM and me
Photo courtesy of Vantan

Before I go, here are my shoutouts to…

  • The Digital Movement team for their tireless passion in bringing people together to make benefit glorious blogosphere. To fellow conspirators Estee, Ming Yeow, and Chern Jie, live long and prosper.
  • Walter Lim for the steady panel moderation.
  • Vanessa Tan for her photos and for being the birthday girl.
  • Ming of for fetching me home.
  • Su Yuen for being supportive of everything I suggest (Note to self: Suggest wilder ideas)
  • Peter Du for being smiley and for getting tons of videos produced (I feel your pain).
  • DK for being my new BFF. We compliment each other too much ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Justin Lee of for treating me like a celebrity (Ahem: How much for that plug?)
  • Bernard Leong of for sharing with me juicy stuff from the political blogosphere.
  • Brennan for telling everyone to look at the Universal Soldier (i.e. me with my wearable cams).
  • Coleman for being the first person to spam me on my back with his sticky name tag while I walked around oblivious to his doing (i.e. I became a platform). Others soon followed suit. Grrrrr with a clenched fist!

30 thoughts on “Five things I hate about BlogOut 2007…

  1. You did an awesome roundup to the event.

    Yeah, Coleman is a ladies’ man who seems to get girls effortlessly (we don’t get to see the duck paddling furiously under the water, do we?) Of course, I was with him for another reason altogether — to check my email on his laptop.

    A couple of folks you missed out:
    – Julen of STOMP star blogging fame
    – Dr. Leslie Tay of, who was only recently in the Sunday Times (half page, no less!)lf

  2. I love the irony in your post and, of course, your nose! lol. =) Sorry I forgot your name (as mentioned in my blog) but your video streaming equpiment impressed me so much it was everything I could focus on, haha.

  3. Damn! You can’t say that about Coleman, his ego will block out the sun.

    And it’s not true! We were sitting there, anticipating for some talented geeky person to join us so that we can engage in some quality IT discussion. Then Coleman had to plonk himself there and kill our hope. Tsk.

    Anyway, I’ve always been fan of Microsoft, meeting them was great! Nic is so cool!

  4. Kevin: i stand my ground. You should NOT go back to the States. You belong nice and warm with us here in Singapore. Let’s continue floating in this vibrant blogosphere together!

  5. Kevin: Valleywag! Nice dude. Looks like a great event too. Too bad I’m too shy to go to such such events and besides I’ll be most likely starstruck there.

    Eh btw mate, sorry I just realised that your email sent to me about the tv interview thingie, was sent to my junk mail by mistake. If you’re still in town, let’s catch up. This time, I make sure your email doesn’t go to my junk mail folder aye.

  6. Hi Kevin,

    You made me sound like Deep Throat.
    Anyway, it’s good to have you around, and definitely go and finish up your doctorate, and you can always be our foreign correspondent. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Yo Geeks! Thanks for holding this one-of-a-kind event at Geek Terminal!

    Kevin, cool pics! Even cooler videos!

    Got to keep archives of your work in our servers!


  8. @Veron: Argh, that’s true. There were so many people I met, I’m getting lazy typing everyone’s name down. I just need a device that can auto-blog for me. Coleman Grrrrr! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @QiaoYun: Coming from an actress like yourself, even if you didn’t know my name, saying that I’ve nice nose and eyes is a great way of winning favors from me. Keep it going ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Priscilla: I have something Coleman doesn’t… I’m shy. Actually that means I’ve no guts, which doesn’t help me now does it?

    @Estee: I’ll show my support from wherever I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @IZReloaded: I’ve always thought you stayed away from the limelight for a reason. Let’s meetup!

    @BL: Oh yeah, even Colbert has his army of foreign correspondents. Count me in!

    @Danny: Nice to hear from you… I remember you saying that the next coffee is on the house. I’m coming to collect ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. “Remember, he did not even need to lift a finger or open his mouth for this to happen. If he did so, there would be no hope for the rest of the male population in that very room.”

    err i think if he did, it would quite certainly have the exact opposite effect. =

  10. Kevin: Sounds good. But I do have a tendency to go around hugging my favourite bloggers. Ask Miyagi san. LOL. Will arrange next week with you.

  11. @Leon: Was fun meeting you Microsoft guys!
    @IZ: Guy hugs are free. Would prefer getting one from chicks though. I think I’m getting desperate so watch out. ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. Nice post dude and pretty much summarises what happened that night. Like you, I am very happy to see the good work which The Digital Movement has done so far, and the amount of energy that the team has is unbelievable. We do need more of such endeavours in Singapore!

    On a separate note, I noticed that your posts have seemed to change in character somewhat in the last few weeks. It must be the Singapore immersion programme. As Estee has said, stay here, forget about the PhD and be a full-time digital mover and shaker…. We need you more! ha ha

  13. Hey bro, hahaha, it is amazing how you can write both great theory and “untheory” blog postings. And to think we just talked about the fact that your blog postings are not “conversational” enough! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Dun forget us when you become an official A-list blogger and then you get onto TV… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And leave us the backpack when you leave. We will dump it on estee, and make her video everything in your place

  14. I think the next time if we hold a bloggers meetup at a kelong, it will be more challenging.

    More creative juices will flow because the challenge to go to the place in the middle of the sea.

    It will be a challenge to connect to the rest who can’t go.(live coverage?)

    How to effectively use the technology at the remote area to connect to the rest.

    On the flip side, can watch the beautiful sun and the natural surronding , more interactions, nice foods & karaoke
    , possibly more innovations were made after that.Any interesting suggestions?

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