In case I get asked about my strange backpack tonight…

How to never forget anything...

UPDATE: Here’s a new video demonstrating how to I’d never forget…

At BlogOut, if you see a person in black wearing a strange backpack with cameras and listening devices sticking out, don’t be alarmed. I’m merely saving my experience into a hard drive. While one camera records (actually this camera is temporarily down since I blew my portable DVR’s battery), the other is streaming video live from my backpack (i.e.

Here’s a quick rundown on my sousveillance backpack, which serves as:
1. a lifecasting device
2. visual experience / memory archive (i.e. TiVo my life)
3. performance art on public vs. private spaces (i.e. challenges notions of privacy)
4. a way of hijacking a public space without leaving physical residual (e.g. virtual ownership)

Do note that this is work-in-progress, but I’m willing to share my current rational and build process here. Researcher Dan Li prompted me to a related article in the New Yorker. Your thoughts and suggestions would be awesome.

Remember: I’m broadcasting from 6.30pm onwards. You can watch the show here, and Direct Message me via Twitter to hit me on my cellphone while I’m on.

11 thoughts on “In case I get asked about my strange backpack tonight…

  1. Hi Kevin, a fellow S’porean graduate student in LA dropping a note to say hi. Kudos for your social activism!

  2. Kevin, can you let us know where to get the cool umpc and lens and camera and etc. I am very interested to set up one at some point of time.

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