Video: Pre-BlogOut Preparations @ Geek Terminal

Here’s a quick 7min video showing folks from The Digital Movement (TDM) preparing for BlogOut at Geek Terminal.

Even the Geek Terminal staff were busy preparing huge LCD screens for tomorrow’s blogger event, which has since exceeded the 100 attendee registration mark. In the video, you’ll hear Genie, a Singaporean chinese singer / blogger, talking to Su Yuen, a TDM member over Skype. Seated not far from me were TDM members having a discussion about tomorrow.

Incidentally, this was broadcasting live from my second wearable camera mounted on my left shoulder. I’ll be webcasting BlogOut live from 6.30pm onwards (Singapore time), so either hit play on the widget on my blog sidebar, or go to my show’s URL address.

BTW: Since it’ll be a live video feed, I’ve setup Direct Messages on Twitter to go straight to my cellphone. You’ll be able to tell me anything, from fixing the video feed if it goes down, to guiding me to a chick in the corner of the video. I’ll be remote controlled… 😀

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