13 thoughts on “I know what you did this weekend…

  1. I would had brought my laptop along and pay Starhub for WIFI access. I still have no idea why our World Class Changi International Airport has no wireless@sg.

  2. And I thought I was a moron for not being able to get connected at the airport *every single time*. Well I just signed up for the Starhub Wireless Broadband so those days are gone!

    Kudos to you Kevin. It’s my first time watching your videos and I must say, only you can make the airport seem interesting.

    LOL at you counting up to 7 hours 🙂

  3. Wifi Internet access is free and abundant in other countries’ airports. Being a tiny island, we should not just make the airport, but entire country blanketed in wireless internet. It’s not technically impossible in Singapore, but perhaps a threat to our cash-rich telcos. Is there a way out of this?

  4. Oops, now that you’ve mentioned it ..

    maybe by your next visit, the 3 ‘homeless’ people will not be there anymore


  5. Strangely enough, I had a hard time finding wireless in Taiwan, HK and South Korea before crossing the Pacific. I finally managed once – in the plane! They stopped that service soon after 🙁

  6. kevin: I doubt the govt will give us free wifi blanketed across the entire country.

    I’m not greedy. I just wish for more places with wireless@sg and wish that the stupid *&%$# wireless@sg won’t disconnect me so often.

  7. after watching it, i’ve this nagging question that’s bugging me. Did you actually hold the camera out in front of you while walking around? If you did… kudos. You’re not afraid to have people start. haha.

  8. Well done Jer… you were astute! 🙂

    It was tricky doing this, but this is how I pulled it off. I’ve been experimenting with the technical as well as cultural means of camouflaging my antics and thanks to the cellphone culture here, I merely pretended to have a phone conversation with someone. Many people mistake my vertical Sony Cybershot M2 as a phone anyway, so it fits the guise. If anyone were to ask, I’d say that I’m doing a 3G videocall. If you watch the video carefully, you would have seen some people, particularly a woman, looking back as I past them. They shrugged it off. 🙂

  9. Haha.. There were many people who looked at what you were doing throughout the video, just over your shoulder. It was quite… Weird…

  10. Oh yeah. Another point to note. I don’t think that many people make 3G videocalls here yet. At least not what I’ve seen.

  11. Hilarious! You know, you could be Singapore’s number one video my own adventures blogger. Hmmm… kind of like that Truman show thing, only you do some post production work I suppose.

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